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[Easy English Blog] Summer

by italkyoutalk / 20日

It is nearly summer in New Zealand, so in this post, Patricia talks about summer. If you think of summer – what comes into your mind? I think everyone thinks about vacations when they think about summer. I know I do. Of course when I was a student, summer was also the time when I … Continue reading [Easy English Blog] Summer

[Short Story] Some Mistakes are Lucky

by italkyoutalk / 21日

Samuel ran towards the train station. He was hot and tired and felt very bad. I don’t want to miss my train. I want to go home and change my clothes and have a beer. He looked at his watch. Two minutes before the train leaves. Can I make it in time? He ran into … Continue reading [Short Story] Some Mistakes are Lucky

[Easy English Blog]Birds

by italkyoutalk / 21日

Every morning, around sunrise, I hear the birds start to sing in our garden. Many different kinds of birds come to our garden. Of course we see sparrows, thrushes and blackbirds. You can see these birds in many countries. But we also have different bird visitors. These birds visit our garden when there are good … Continue reading [Easy English Blog]Birds

By the skin of (one’s) teeth

by italkyoutalk / 22日

Do you know the English expression “by the skin of (one’s) teeth“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning? Russell: How did you get on in your English exam? Toshi: I passed by the skin of my teeth. I was lucky! Does it mean: a) by a narrow margin b) by a wide … Continue reading By the skin of (one’s) teeth

[Short Story] The Elephant

by italkyoutalk / 23日

It was Friday afternoon and Mrs Watkins was tired. It was a hot day and her feet hurt. I like teaching children, she thought. But maybe I am too old for this. I don’t have so much energy. The children in Mrs Watkin’s class were six years old. There were thirty children in the class. … Continue reading [Short Story] The Elephant

Not sleep a wink

by italkyoutalk / 23日

Do you know the English expression “to not sleep a wink“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning? Tina: Are you OK John? You look tired. John: My neighbours had a party last night. It was so noisy I didn’t sleep a wink. Does it mean: a) not close your eyes b) not … Continue reading Not sleep a wink

[Easy English Blog]Wellington

by italkyoutalk / 24日

Have you ever been to Wellington in New Zealand? It is a beautiful city with a big harbour. Most of the houses are on the hills, and it has a cable car. Some people think that Wellington is a smaller version of San Francisco. But there is one big difference between Wellington and San Francisco. … Continue reading [Easy English Blog]Wellington

To be in hot water

by italkyoutalk / 24日

Do you know the English expression “to be in hot water“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning? Eddie: Have you heard about Will? He is in hot water with the boss. Charlie: Yes, I heard about that. He lost three clients this week. No wonder the boss is angry. Does it mean: … Continue reading To be in hot water

Turn a deaf ear

by italkyoutalk / 25日

Do you know the English expression “to turn a deaf ear“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning? Marcy: Did you ask the boss about a salary increase? Alice: Yes, but he just turned a deaf ear. Does it mean a) refuse to listen b) be unable to hear c) listen carefully d) … Continue reading Turn a deaf ear

Keep me posted

by italkyoutalk / 26日

Do you know the English expression “keep me posted”? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning? Aaron: I heard the bike accident was bad. Any news on Dave’s condition?  Jake: I’m going to the hospital later to see how he is doing. Aaron: Well, keep me posted. Does it mean: a) post a … Continue reading Keep me posted