A smart…..

Can you complete this English expression? It means “a clever person”. A smart…… a) biscuit b) cookie c) banana d) apple The answer is below!↓   Answer: b) cookie A smart cookie!

Go on a shopping spree

Do you know the English expression “to go on a shopping spree“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning? Ted: What did you do at the weekend? Linda: My friend and I went on a shopping spree on Saturday. We got some great bargains. Does it mean: a) buy many things in a … Continue reading Go on a shopping spree

The portable $399 Sonos Move is like having two great speakers in one
Darrell Etherington

Sonos has released their first ever portable speaker with a built-in battery: The $399 Sonos Move, which starts shipping to customers on September 24. After spending a few days with the Move, I can confidently say that it offers everything that’s great about the Sonos wireless audio system, but with all the added advantages of […]

This young litigation finance startup just secured $100 million to chase cases it thinks will win
Connie Loizos

If you haven’t heard much about litigation finance, that may change soon. The practice dates back decades, though it’s been picking up momentum since 2006, when Credit Suisse Securities founded a litigation risk strategies unit that it later spun off. What is litigation finance? In a nutshell, the idea is to fund plaintiffs and law […]

Facebook launches Portal TV, a $149 video chat set-top box
Josh Constine

Facebook wants to take over your television with a clip-on camera for video calling, AR gaming, and content co-watching. If you can get past the creepiness, the new Portal TV let you hang out with friends on your home’s biggest screen. It’s a fresh product category that could give the social network a unique foothold […]

[Easy English Blog] In the newspaper

We were featured in the local newspaper a few days ago. We won the 2019 Language Learner Literature Award in the advanced category, and the Finalist Award in the intermediate category. The local newspapers heard about this, and asked us if they could write a story about it. Of course we said yes! Our book … Continue reading [Easy English Blog] In the newspaper

National Spinach Day
Joe Kissell

Of all the dark leafy green vegetables, spinach is probably the least kale-like. I don't know whether that's good or bad, now that I think about it.

The We Company reportedly will put its public offering on hold
Jonathan Shieber

The We Company, parent company of the short-term real estate property management and development company WeWork and other We-related subsidiaries, is reportedly shelving its plans for an initial public offering. The company’s plans for a public offering have been hampered by questions about its corporate governance and the ultimate value of a company that private […]

Come down with (something)

Do you know the English expression “to come down with (something)“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning? Ken: Are you OK? You don’t look so good. George: I have a headache. I think I’m coming down with something. Does it mean: a) lie down b) sit down c) get an illness d) … Continue reading Come down with (something)

In the nick of time

Do you know the English expression “in the nick of time“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning? Barry: Were you late for the concert? David: No, I drove fast and we got there in the nick of time. Does it mean: a) just in time b) early c) late d) the next … Continue reading In the nick of time

Gatsby raises $15M Series A for its modern web development platform
Frederic Lardinois

Gatsby, a platform that uses modern web technologies like React and GraphQL to help developers build better sites faster, today announced that it has raised a $15 million Series A round led by CRV. Previous investors Trinity Ventures, Mango Capital, Fathom Capital and Dig Ventures also participated, as did Kong CEO Augusto Marietti and Adobe […]

Google Maps adds biking and ridesharing options to transit directions for multi-mode commutes
Darrell Etherington

Google is introducing combo navigation directions that pair ridesharing and biking options with transit guidance. Starting today, when you search from directions using Google Maps and select the ‘transit’ tap, you’ll see ridesharing options included when the nearest station is a bit further than most people might expect to go on foot. Similarly, you’ll also […]

Google’s parental control software Family Link gains much-needed features
Sarah Perez

Google’s parental control software, Family Link, is getting a noteworthy update today with the addition of new features that will allow parents to limit screen time per app, instead of the device as a whole, as well as let them more easily extend screen time as needed. The features were first announced at Google’s I/O […]

Tasting a lot at high school - FML

Today, an old friend showed me pictures proving that my high school sweetheart, who is now my wife, was the school slut who would give anyone a blowjob in the toilets for a fiver. So basically every time I kissed her in high school, I was tonguing another guys cum. I feel physically sick right now. FML

Sham of a threesome - FML

Today, a man I have sex with sent me a video of him, not fucking but MAKING LOVE to a girl we had a threesome with, he's in love with me, but the girl is in love with him, what a sham of a threesome. FML.

Surprising - FML

Today, my younger sister had some friends over at ours. I was in the shower but was horrified to realize my clothes and towel were gone. Figuring that she took them, I tried to make it to my room without being seen, but one of her friends came up to use the bathroom. She saw everything. FML

Loser - FML

Today, the dog my now ex-boyfriend and I own together bit me bad enough that I needed stitches on my face and my hand... he then broke up with me and saying it was all too much for him and has kept the dog... FML

Sex, Different idea - FML

Today, I was deceived into a contract to "edit" porn. It was sick, disgusting material which stirred up all my sexual-abuse-survivor issues and made me retch. When I went to my husband to tell him what happened, his only comment was "Is it hot?" FML

The best feeling - FML

Today, I was driving back home with my mom when we saw two squirrels having sex in the road. I told her to just honk the horn. She said that I was being selfish, that sex is a beautiful thing, and that we should let them finish. We sat there for at least five minutes. FML

The hustler - FML

Today my boyfriend of six months, who happened to be my first kiss, broke up with me after borrowing 120 dollars. Not twenty minutes later he was at the bar drinking with my brothers and my dad. FML

No feeling - Just conversation - FML

Today, I was touching myself under the sheets at 2:00am when my very drunk dad walked into the room. I was afraid to move my hand for fear of discovery so I had a 30 minute conversation with him with my fingers still inside me. FML.

Revenge! - FML

Today, I had to ask my boyfriend to take a shower because he smelt awful and wanted to cuddle. After 45 minutes, he did. I wanted to cuddle and fool around after he was done. I got rejected because he did not want to get dirty. FML

Do not be afraid - FML

Today, I opened my fortune cookie to read: 'Do not be afraid to take that big step'. I had a lot of thoughts sucking on my boss's penis lately. FML

Unconditional call - FML

Today, my boss asked to use my phone since the company pays for it. A few hours later the same boss called me into his office to fire me. Apparently the company checks the phone records and found a call made on my cell to a sex line. My boss made that call and just fired me. FML

Temptation night - FML

Today, I lost my virginity to the hottest guy. He told me that his parents were out of town, so I could stay the night and not worry. They came home to hear us moaning in his room. FML

RCS messaging has rolled out to Android users in the US
Brian Heater

Here’s a nice little surprise for Android users this weekend. It seems that Google’s pans to roll out Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging is slightly ahead of schedule. The company announced in November that it would be making the feature available for all Android users in the country by year-end. A tweet from Android Messages […]

Many smart home device makers still won’t say if they give your data to the government
Zack Whittaker

A year ago, we asked some of the most prominent smart home device makers if they have given customer data to governments. The results were mixed. The big three smart home device makers — Amazon, Facebook and Google (which includes Nest) — all disclosed in their transparency reports if and when governments demand customer data. […]

How deep is it? - FML

Today, my husband rolled over in his sleep, cuddled up to me, and lovingly whispered “I love you Pizza Hut...” FML

The girl? - FML

Today, my mate was bragging about the nudes he was getting from this random girl, he proceeded to show me... It was my cousin. FML

Just in case - FML

Today, a customer threatened to kick my balls in if I didn’t give her a hot chocolate. I had already explained to her that it wasn’t working. She’s a regular so anytime I see her now I cover my balls just in case. FML