This robotic arm slows down to avoid the uncanny valley
Devin Coldewey

Robotic arms can move fast enough to snatch thrown objects right out of the air… but should they? Not unless you want them to unnerve the humans they’re interacting with, according to work out of Disney Research. Roboticists there found that slowing a robot’s reaction time made it feel more normal to people. Disney has […]

A bike lover’s take on the Cowboy e-bike
Romain Dillet

Electric-bike maker Cowboy recently let me spend a couple of weeks with one of their e-bikes. It’s a well-designed e-bike that makes biking effortless, even if you’re going uphill. Cowboy is a Brussels-based startup. The company raised a $3 million seed round a couple of years ago and an $11.1 million (€10 million) Series A […]

The Flux beamo is a $1,500 laser cutter with simple but powerful software
Greg Kumparak

Laser cutters are in a fun place right now. Gone are the days when the cheapest machines were tens of thousands of dollars, and when the “compact” models were roughly the size of a freezer. They’ve gotten affordable enough, and small enough, that a DIY home hobbyist can add it to their toolset without taking […]

Netgear’s Meural Canvas II is a better version of the best home gadget for photographers
Darrell Etherington

Netgear has released the first updated Canvas digital art from from Meural since acquiring the company last September, and the next-generation connected frame comes with some decent quality-of-life improvements as well as a new, additional size. It’s not a dramatic change from the original Meural Canvas, but it means that a product that was already […]

Linear lines up $4.2M led by Sequoia to build a better platform for software developer collaboration
Ingrid Lunden

Software will eat the world, as the saying goes, but in doing so, some developers are likely to get a little indigestion. That is to say, building products requires working with disparate and distributed teams, and while developers may have an ever-growing array of algorithms, APIs and technology at their disposal to do this, ironically […]

Reserve your demo table at TC Sessions: Robotics & AI 2020
Emma Comeau

Robotics and AI is the hottest scientific mashup since The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper met Amy Farrah Fowler. If you play a role in these world-changing technologies, join us at TC Sessions: Robotics & AI on March 3, 2020 at UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall. What could be better than spending an entire day focused […]

Amazon launches a Dash Smart Shelf for businesses that automatically restocks supplies
Darrell Etherington

Amazon may have stopped selling its Dash buttons for consumers, but it’s not done with dedicated Dash hardware: The company is launching its new Amazon Dash Smart Shelf today. Aimed at small businesses rather than individuals, the Dash Smart Shelf is also even more automated than the Dash buttons, as it uses a built-in scale […]

Circ, the Berlin-based e-scooter company, makes layoffs following ‘operational learnings’
Steve O'Hear

Circ, the Berlin-based e-scooter rentals — or so-called micro-mobility — company founded by Lukasz Gadowski of Delivery Hero fame, has made a number of layoffs, TechCrunch has learned. This has seen a reduction in headcount in its HQ and other regional operations. The exact number isn’t clear, although once source placed it at around 50 […]

Startups Weekly: This year in startups
Kate Clark

In this week's newsletter: The moments that defined venture capital and startups in 2019.

Cheq raises another $16M to fight ad fraud
Anthony Ha

Cheq, a startup focused on preventing ad fraud and ensuring that ads run in brand-safe environments, has raised $16 million in Series B funding. When the company raised its $5 million Series A last year, CEO Guy Tytunovich contrasted Cheq’s approach with what he called “first generation solutions for ad verification” — rather than identifying […]

Amazon launches Audible Suno free app featuring short-stories in India
Manish Singh

Amazon is having another go at expanding its reach to listeners in India. The company, which launched pay-to-use Audible in the country last year, today introduced a new service called Audible Suno that offers free access to “hundreds of hours of audio entertainment, enlightenment and learning.” And it’s banking on major Indian celebrities to draw […]

GetYourGuide widens its horizons, will expand its Originals short tours into day trips and more
Ingrid Lunden

GetYourGuide has made a name for itself as the startup that helped the stale idea of guided tours for travellers on its head. Tapping into the generation of consumers who think of travel not just as going somewhere, but having an “experience” (and, ideally, recording it for Insta-posterity), it has built a marketplace to connect […]

Gradeup raises $7M to expand its online exam preparation platform to smaller Indian cities and towns
Manish Singh

Gradeup, an edtech startup in India that operates an exam preparation platform for undergraduate and postgraduate level courses, has raised $7 million from Times Internet as it looks to expand its business in the country. Times Internet, a conglomerate in India, invested $7 million in Series A and $3 million in Seed financing rounds of […]

Sonos acquires voice assistant startup Snips, potentially to build out on-device voice control
Darrell Etherington

Sonos revealed during its quarterly earnings report that it has acquired voice assistant startup Snips in a $37 million cash deal, Variety reported on Wednesday. Snips, which had been developing dedicated smart device assistants that can operate primarily locally, instead of relying on consistently round-tripping voice data to the cloud, could help Sonos set up […]

Childcare benefits startup Kinside launches with $4 million from investors including Initialized Capital
Catherine Shu

Childcare is one of the biggest expenses for American parents and it’s not just families who are taking a hit. Childcare issues cost the United States’ economy an estimated $4.4 billion in lost productivity each year and also impacts employee retention rates. Kinside wants to help with a platform that not only enables families to […]

Go back to square one

Do you know the English expression “to go back to square one“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning? Alice: Did you show your professor your research? Paul: Yes. He said it wasn’t good enough, so I have to go back to square one. Does it mean: a) give up b) study in … Continue reading Go back to square one

The one-on-one meeting template for your end of the year review
Claire Lew

What should you do for your end-of-the-year review with an employee? Use this one-on-one meeting template. With December upon us (already!), many managers have been asking me if I have a one-on-one meeting template for their end-of-the-year review with a direct report. Yes, I do have one 🙂 The end of the year is an… keep reading

Will the future of work be ethical? Future leader perspectives
Arman Tabatabai

In this interview, Greg Epstein talks to Meili Gupta, a senior at Phillips Exeter Academy, and Walter Erike, an independent consultant and SAP Implementation Senior Manager.

Put on (one’s) ……..

Can you complete this expression? It means “to think carefully about something”. Put on (one’s) ……… a) hat b) thinking coat c) brain d) thinking cap The answer is below! ↓   Answer: d) thinking cap Put on (one’s) thinking cap  

Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure is a silly, gentle way to shape up
Devin Coldewey

Nintendo has a long history when it comes to exercise-driven games. I'm dating myself, but I can say I remember playing Track & Field on NES with the Power Pad. How far we've come! Ring Fit Adventure is a full-body workout for grown-ups, but fun, gentle, and ridiculous enough to forget it's exercise.

Detectify raises additional €21M for its ethical hacker network
Steve O'Hear

Detectify, the Sweden born cybersecurity startup that offers a website vulnerability scanner powered by the crowd, has raised €21 million in further funding. Leading the round is London-based VC firm Balderton Capital, with participation from existing investors Paua Ventures, Inventure and Insight Partners. Detectify says the new funding will be used to continue to hire […]

India’s financial services firm Paytm raises $1B
Manish Singh

Paytm said on Monday it has raised $1 billion in a new financing round as the Noida-headquartered firm, which once dominated the local mobile payments market, attempts to fight back giants Google, Walmart’s PhonePe, and Facebook. The company said the new financing round, dubbed Series G, was led by U.S. asset manager T Rowe Price. […]

[Easy English Blog] Coffee

Do you drink coffee? How many cups do you drink a day? I love coffee. I always drink it in the morning. It wakes me up. I can focus on my work better if I have coffee. When I worked as an English teacher, I used to drink five or six cups a day. I … Continue reading [Easy English Blog] Coffee

VTEX, an e-commerce platform used by Walmart, raises $140M led by SoftBank’s LatAm fund
Ingrid Lunden

E-commerce now accounts for 14% of all retail sales, and its growth has led to a rise in the fortunes of startups that build tools to enable businesses to sell online. In the latest development, a company called VTEX — which originally got its start in Latin America helping companies like Walmart expand their business […]

Equity Dive: Poshmark’s origin story with co-founder & CEO Manish Chandra
Kate Clark

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines.

Sick as a….

Can you complete this English expression? It means “to be very ill”. Sick as a ……. a) dog b) cat c) horse d) mouse The answer is below! ↓   Answer: a) dog Sick as a dog

Facebook staff demand Zuckerberg limit lies in politcal ads
Josh Constine

Submit campaign ads to fact checking, limit microtargeting, cap spending, observe silence periods, or at least warn users. These are the solutions Facebook employees put forward in an open letter pleading with CEO Mark Zuckerberg and company leadership to address misinformation in political ads. The letter, obtained by the New York Times’ Mike Isaac, insists […]

Zuckerberg warns of authoritarian data localization trend
Josh Constine

If free nations demand companies store data locally, it legitimizes that practice for authoritarian nations which can then steal that data for their own nefarious purposes, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He laid out the threat in a new 93-minute video of a discussion with Sapiens author Yuval Noah Harari released today as part […]

Run like the…..

Can you complete this English expression? It means “to run very fast”. Run like the…… a) lion b) tiger c) wind d) rain The answer is below!↓   Answer: c) wind Run like the wind!