レッスン 18: いつも失敗ばかり
英語を学ぼう (レベル 1)

アンナは The News のアナウンサーに抜擢されました。でも、ニュースを読みながら思わず感情をこめてしまうので、何度も NG を出してしまいます。

レッスン 14: この服はどう?
英語を学ぼう (レベル 1)


Catalan separatists have tooled up with a decentralized app for civil disobedience
Natasha Lomas

Is our age of ubiquitous smartphones and social media turning into an era of mass civil unrest? Two years after holding an independence referendum and unilaterally declaring independence in defiance of the Spanish state — then failing to gain recognition for la república and being forced to watch political leaders jailed or exiled — Catalonia’s […]

Looks aren't everything - FML

Today, I was watching "My 600-lb Life". Most of the people on the show are married or in relationships. I cant even find a relationship. FML

This ride-hailing PR pitch shows platforms and digital campaign ‘dark arts’ want democracy to be pay to play
Natasha Lomas

A UK PR firm pitching to run an account for Ola has proposed running a campaign to politicize ride-hailing as a tactic to shift regulations in its favor. The approach suggests that, despite the appearance of ride-hailing platforms taking a more conciliatory position with regulators that are now wise to earlier startup tactics in this […]

Have (one’s) ducks in a row

Do you know the English expression “to have (one’s) ducks in a row“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning? Harry: Why do you write a to-do list every morning? Faye: Because I like to have my ducks in a row before I start work. Does it mean: a) line up some ducks … Continue reading Have (one’s) ducks in a row


Do you know the English adjective “brisk“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning? Jeff: You look cheerful today. Mary: I’m feeling great. I went for a brisk walk before breakfast. Does it mean: a) slow b) quick c) long d) short The answer is below!↓   Answer: b) quick

Placement is the much-needed talent agent for jobseekers
Josh Constine

“We’re giving away money to strangers on the internet” is a pretty cavalier pitch for a new startup. But the more I learned about Placement, the smarter it sounded. In exchange for 10% of your income for 18 to 36 months, Placement will find you a much higher paying job, prep you for the interview […]

Breaking the Black Box
Wailin Wong

DHH sparked a national controversy this week when he posted a series of livid tweets about how his wife received a much lower credit limit than he did on their Apple Cards, despite applying with the same financial information. What began as a rant against opaque algorithms turned into a regulatory investigation and more. We… keep reading

Launch: Basecamp Gets Personal
Jason Fried

Since the beginning, Basecamp has been marketed as a project management and collaboration tool for small businesses (or small teams inside larger businesses). However, over the years we’ve also heard from thousands of people who use Basecamp outside of work. They’ve gone off-label and turned to Basecamp to help them manage all sorts of personal projects, too.… keep reading

[Easy English Blog] Purple sky

In our city, there is a large lake. We can see the sunset over the lake when the weather is clear. It is a very beautiful spot. Many people come around sunset time to take photographs. Last week, a strong typhoon hit Japan. There wasn’t much damage in our area because the typhoon did not … Continue reading [Easy English Blog] Purple sky

What happened? - FML

Today, I walked home and found a massive branch had fallen into my parking space. My first thought: Thank God my car wasn't hit! My second thought: Where is my car? FML

Smart scooter company Gogoro launches GoShare, an end-to-end vehicle sharing platform
Catherine Shu

Founded in 2011, Gogoro now makes the best-selling electric scooters in Taiwan, where it is headquartered. The startup has always seen itself as an end-to-end platform developer, however, and today it marked a major milestone with the announcement of a new vehicle sharing system. Called GoShare, the program will start operating with a pilot fleet […]

Lunch Special - FML

Today, we have nearly no food in the house. My husband went shopping with the kids and returned with a sack of tomatoes. Time to make lunch. FML

Disgusting dog! - FML

Today, I woke up and felt something wet on my foot. Guess! my dog vomited on my foot while I was sleeping. FML

First day at work - FML

Today, it was my first day of work, and I was wondering why everyone was staring and laughing at me. I looked down and I realized that the fly on my jeans was open. FML

Basecamp is hiring a Programmer
Javan Makhmali

We’re hiring a programmer to join our Research & Fidelity team to help shape the front end of our Rails applications and expand our suite of open-source JavaScript frameworks. We’re accepting applications for the next two weeks with a start date in early April. We strongly encourage candidates of all different backgrounds and identities to… keep reading

レッスン 4: それは何?
英語を学ぼう (レベル 1)


レッスン 17: 金曜日はヒマですか?
英語を学ぼう (レベル 1)

アンナはマーシャと映画を見に行こうとしますが、お互いに忙しくてなかなか予定が合いません。はたして 2 人は時間をみつけられるでしょうか?

Apple TV app comes to Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and other devices
Sarah Perez

Ahead of the launch of Apple TV+ on November 1, Apple’s Apple TV app has begun to roll out to other platforms beyond Apple’s own streaming media player, Mac computers, and iOS devices. Earlier this month, for example, the app arrived on Roku devices. Today, it’s hitting Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4K. Specifically, […]

Messaging app Wire confirms $8.2M raise, responds to privacy concerns after moving holding company to the US
Ingrid Lunden

Big changes are afoot for Wire, an enterprise-focused end-to-end encrypted messaging app and service that advertises itself as “the most secure collaboration platform”. In February, Wire quietly raised $8.2 million from Morpheus Ventures and others, we’ve confirmed — the first funding amount it has ever disclosed — and alongside that external financing, it moved its […]

Minecraft Earth is live, so get tapping
Devin Coldewey

Microsoft’s big experiment in real-world augmented reality gaming, Minecraft Earth, is live now for players in North America, the U.K., and a number of other areas. The pocket-size AR game lets you collect blocks and critters wherever you go, undertake little adventures with friends, and of course build sweet castles. I played an early version […]

Apple Music dives deeper into concert streaming with Billie Eilish
Josh Constine

As music streaming apps struggle to differentiate, Apple is making concert video a more central part of its strategy with tonight’s big Billie Eilish show at its HQ’s Steve Jobs Theater. The Apple Music Awards concert will be streaming live and then on-demand to Apple Music’s 60 million subscribers. Apple would like to do more […]

Finally, an official Craigslist app
Devin Coldewey

Fancy websites and services come and go, but Craigslist endures. And now one of its main shortcomings is fixed: there's an official app. Currently available for iOS and in beta for Android, the app provides a true-to-form Craigslist experience: useful, unfussy, and anonymous.

Nevermore, Amazon
Wailin Wong

In the spring of 2019, Danny Caine, the owner of the Raven Book Store in Lawrence, Kansas, overheard a customer saying she could buy a new hardcover online for $15. Danny took to Twitter to explain the economics of independent bookstores and the thread went viral, putting the 32-year-old small business in the national spotlight.… keep reading

Gross! - FML

Today, my roommate moved out. When I went into his room, I found a few things he forgot. Specifically, his beer bottle filled with nail clippings. I emptied it onto my hand before I realized what it was. FML

Robinhood lets you invest as little as 1 cent in any stock
Josh Constine

One share of Amazon stock costs over $1700, locking out less wealthy investors. So to continue its quest to democratize stock trading, Robinhood is launching fractional share trading this week. This lets you buy 0.000001 shares, rounded to the nearest penny, or just $1 of any stock with zero fee. The ability to buy by […]

Watch a movie - FML

Today, I walked in on my uncle watching porn. I realized that it was porn of my boyfriend, and he told me that the girl in it was "just a friend". FML