By Super Embarrassed

Today, I surprised my husband by being naked in only a robe on. Well, once the door opened, I stood up and dropped it not realizing behind him were my in-laws. Thanksgiving will be quite awkward and Christmas too. FML

The new AirFly Pro is the perfect travel buddy for your AirPods Pro
Darrell Etherington

Accessory maker TwelveSouth has a solid lineup of gadgets, many of which fill a niche that their products uniquely address – and address remarkably well. The AirFly Pro ($54.99) is a new iteration on one of those, providing a way to connect Bluetooth headphones to any audio source with a 3.5mm headphone jack. It’s being […]

[Short Story] Why do you have blue hair?

Rei met a nice guy on the train. He was sitting next to her. She thought he was handsome. There was a typhoon and the train was stopped for a long time. He started to talk to her. His name was Ichiro. They were both university students. They both liked JPop. They both belonged to … Continue reading [Short Story] Why do you have blue hair?

By PureFallPain

Today, I am Catfishing a guy on Twitter. I didn't mean to start it, I had an account I use to vent with and I used a pic with a cute girl. He sent me a DM that he liked my pic. He wants to talk on the phone. We have fallen for each other. He thinks, I am 18. I am a 39 year old single mother of 3 kids. FML


レッスン 20: あなたは何ができる?
英語を学ぼう (レベル 1)


レッスン 2: こんにちは、アンナです!
英語を学ぼう (レベル 1)


GETTING HIGH with Ronnie!
Learn English with Ronnie!
Bandit opens a ‘mobile-only’ coffee shop in New York
Anthony Ha

If you wander into the Bandit coffee shop in Midtown New York, you won’t be able to just walk up to the counter and order something. Instead, you’ll need to download a mobile app. I experienced it for myself yesterday afternoon, when I — along with several other customers — pulled out my phone, downloaded […]

By slapstick1982

Today, I realized that my wife is on her 3rd month using an IUD. The side effect is nonstop bleeding. I haven't had sex with her since she got it. I'd say this contraceptive is working perfectly. FML

Foodvisor automatically tracks what you eat using deep learning
Romain Dillet

Meet Foodvisor, a startup that has built a mobile app that helps you log everything you eat in order to lose weight, follow a diet or get healthier. You can add data by capturing a photo of your plate before you eat. “We’ve spent a little over two years doing research and development before we […]

[Easy English Blog] Freesias

My mother died seventeen years ago. It is not only her family who remember her. Friends and neighbours remember her too. One thing they remember is her garden.  Close to the street, she had a bed of freesias. Every spring, anyone who walked past her house could smell the beautiful perfume of these white spring … Continue reading [Easy English Blog] Freesias

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