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VisualOne smartens up home security cameras with object and action recognition
Devin Coldewey

“Smart” cameras are to be found in millions of homes, but the truth is they’re not all that smart. Facial recognition and motion detection are their main tricks… but what if you want to know if the dog jumped on the couch, or if your toddler is playing with the stove? VisualOne equips cameras with […]

Google to invest $450M in smart home security solutions provider ADT
Manish Singh

Google said on Monday it will invest $450 million in ADT and work with the Florida-headquartered firm’s 20,000 technicians to sell and install the search giant’s Nest family of smart home products. As part of the long-term investment — which is granting Google a 6.6% stake in ADT — the two companies will first attempt […]

Ulo is an adorable security camera that interacts with you while keeping watch over your home
Catherine Shu

Tired of home security cameras that add nothing to your home (besides, well, surveillance)? The Ulo, created by Luxembourg-based Mu Design, adds a touch of whimsy. The owl-shaped surveillance camera has two big interactive LCD eyes that follow your movements, and its two lenses—a HD camera and motion sensor camera—discreetly hidden in its beak, made […]