[Easy English Blog] Snow at last

It snowed the other day. This was our first snowfall for two years. Two years ago, we had the heaviest snowfall in around 35 years. Last year, it didn’t snow at all. We had a mild winter. This year, we have had a mild winter again. It has only snowed for one day so far. … Continue reading [Easy English Blog] Snow at last

Apple’s online WWDC kicks off June 22
Brian Heater

Back in March, Apple joined a rapidly growing number of companies announcing an online-only model for their annual tech events. At the time, SVP Phil Schiller promised that the event would be “an innovative way to millions of developers around the world, bringing the entire developer community together with a new experience,” as planners across […]

Sensible Weather is building an ‘oh no, it’s raining while I’m on holiday’ insurance product
Haje Jan Kamps

You save for months to be able to go on a fun holiday, and then you spend nine days stuck in your Airbnb hoping the little umbrella on your drink will help against the rain falling from the heavens. Sound familiarly disappointing and disappointingly familiar? Sensible Weather just raised $12 million to build a product […]

Twitter labeled 300,000 US election tweets — around 0.2%
Brian Heater

Just over a week after the U.S. elections, Twitter has offered a breakdown of some of its efforts to label misleading tweets. The site says that from October 27 to November 11, it labeled some 300,000 tweets as part of its Civic Integrity Policy. That amounts to around 0.2% of the total number of election-related […]

Trump will lose protected Twitter status after his presidency
Brian Heater

Twitter has at various times acknowledged that Donald Trump isn’t bound by the same rules that govern the rest of us. This executive privilege has allowed him to continue posting comments that could have long ago gotten any normal person banned from the platform. More recently, the service has sought to balance misinformation/disinformation with warning […]

Talking venture, B2B and thesis-driven investment with Work-Bench’s Jon Lehr
Alex Wilhelm

Earlier this week, the Equity crew caught up with Work-Bench investor Jon Lehr to get his take on the current market, and how his firm goes about making investment decisions. The conversation was a treat, so we cut a piece of it off for everyone to listen to. The full audio and a loose transcript […]

Apple could reportedly announce Mac shift to its own ARM-based chips this month
Darrell Etherington

For years now, analysts and unconfirmed reports have suggested Apple was working on transitioning its Mac line of computers away from Intel -based chips, and to its own, ARM-based processors. Now, Bloomberg reports that the company could make those plans official as early as later this month, with an announcement potentially timed for its remote […]

Spotify to ‘pause’ running political ads, citing lack of proper review
Brian Heater

Ever since the run up to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election (and, arguably, well before that), political ads have become a major sticking point on social media sites looking to crack down on misinformation. Facebook has grappled with the issue to the satisfaction of virtually no one, while Twitter has shut them down altogether. Ad […]

TikTok launches a U.S. elections guide in its app
Sarah Perez

Though TikTok is in the middle of fighting off the Trump administration’s attempt to ban its app in the U.S. over data privacy concerns, the company today is launching a new feature focused on the 2020 U.S. elections. TikTok announced this morning it’s introducing an in-app guide to the elections offering its 100 million U.S. […]

If the $40B Nvidia-Arm deal is dead, what does it mean to big tech M&A?
Ron Miller

News reports surfaced over the past 24 hours that the $40 billion Nvidia-Arm deal, which ranks among the most expensive tech deals ever, is in peril. Nvidia is reportedly ready to walk away due to regulatory pressure. The question is, what does it mean for tech M&A if this deal falls apart? Let’s not forget […]

YouTube removes ads from, but won’t pull, ‘Trump Won’ video following backlash
Brian Heater

This year’s presidential election has already proven to be a considerable test of the U.S. democratic system. It’s also been doing a fine job testing the systems behind leading social networks four years after a rather disinformation-ridden election. Twitter today has proven to be reasonably swift — if not entirely proactive — in its push […]

Why do startup valuations go down when interest rates go up?
Ram Iyer

Despite the focus on interest rates, it is the second aspect — inflation and the consequent government response — that will have the most significant consequences for founders and the public.

Weather the ……

Can you complete this English expression? It means “get through a tough situation”. Weather the……. a) wind b) typhoon c) hurricane d) storm The answer is below!↓ Answer: d) storm Weather the storm! By I Talk You Talk Press – Easy English Reading.

Microsoft’s Windows store is now open to third-party app stores
Darrell Etherington

Microsoft wasn't just indulging in wishful thinking when it said it wanted more third-party app stores in Windows 11's portal. Amazon's Appstore and the Epic Games Store are among those coming on.

Elon Musk subpoenas former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey
Aisha Malik

Elon Musk’s legal team has subpoenaed former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, marking the latest development in the legal battle over Musk’s attempt to break his $44 billion acquisition agreement with the social network company. Dorsey will be asked about the impact of bots and spam accounts on Twitter’s business and operations. Dorsey stepped down as […]

We must consider secure online voting
Walter Thompson

We should not be debating whether online voting should exist, but rather asking: What is the most secure way to facilitate electronic voting?

A voting app by Shadow Inc. takes center stage at chaotic Iowa caucuses
Brian Heater

American democracy can be confusing and messy. There is, perhaps, no better example than last night’s Iowa caucuses. The votes that kick off presidential primary season are, at once, a wonderful celebration of citizen participation in representative democracy and a rather complex system that remains a mystery to many of those outside the nation’s 31st most […]

SmartNews’ U.S. app unveils new features for the elections, COVID-19 and local weather
Catherine Shu

At TechCrunch Disrupt today, SmartNews announced the release of major new features for the American version of its news discovery app, designed to make it easier for users to get updates about the elections, COVID-19 and the weather. Several features focus on the presidential race, and other candidates up for vote this year. SmartNews, which […]

What to expect from WWDC 2021
Brian Heater

All things considered, Apple put together a pretty slick all-virtual WWDC last year. Where other companies like Microsoft and Google have opted for a more live (or live-style) experience, the company was parading its execs through a series of smooth drone shots and slick transitions. And with the first year under its belt, it will […]

Now Elon Musk says he won’t fire 75% of Twitter’s staff
Rebecca Bellan

Elon Musk told Twitter employees Wednesday that he’s not planning on laying off 75% of staff when he takes over the company, Bloomberg reports, citing “people familiar with the matter.” This is a walk back from what Musk reportedly said last week. The celebrity executive denied the previously reported number when he addressed employees at […] Now Elon Musk says he won’t fire 75% of Twitter’s staff by Rebecca Bellan originally published on TechCrunch

Facebook and Instagram notifications warn U.S. users there’s no winner yet in Presidential Election
Sarah Perez

Facebook and Instagram are running notifications in their respective apps informing U.S. users that the winner of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election has not yet been determined. In large pop-ups appearing at the top of the Facebook and Instagram News Feeds, the notification states that “Votes Are Being Counted” and directs users to other in-app […]

Google News will soon begin translating local press coverage
Kyle Wiggers

At a Google Search-focused event this morning, Google announced that it will soon introduce ways to translate local news coverage directly from Google News. Starting in 2023, English users, for example, will be able to search and see translated links to news results from Spanish-language publishers in countries such as Mexico, in addition to links […] Google News will soon begin translating local press coverage by Kyle Wiggers originally published on TechCrunch

Facebook has paused election reminders in Europe after data watchdog raises transparency concerns
Natasha Lomas

Big tech’s lead privacy regulator in Europe has intervened to flag transparency concerns about a Facebook election reminder feature — asking the tech giant to provide it with information about what data it collects from users who interact with the notification and how their personal data is used, including whether it’s used for targeting them […]

Tuesday Company acquires VoteWithMe as tech for politics looks to consolidate ahead of 2020
Jonathan Shieber

Tuesday Company, the organizational toolkit for political advocacy groups and candidates, has taken another step to consolidate its position in the growing market for tech-enabled political outreach with the acquisition of the voting mobilization service VoteWithMe. Launched in the wake of the 2016 election by three former staffers from Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency, […]

Twitter confirms fluctuations in follower counts after Musk deal was announced were organic
Aisha Malik

Twitter says that fluctuations in follower counts that occurred on its platform after it announced that it had agreed to be acquired by Elon Musk were organic in nature. Once the news was announced, numerous high-profile cases saw increases or decreases in followers. Twitter confirmed to TechCrunch that these fluctuations were the result of new […]

Mark Zuckerberg actually calls for regulation of content, elections, privacy
Brian Heater

It’s been a busy day for Facebook exec op-eds. Earlier this morning, Sheryl Sandberg broke the site’s silence around the Christchurch massacre, and now Mark Zuckerberg is calling on governments and other bodies to increase regulation around the sorts of data in which Facebook traffics. He’s hoping to get out in front of heavy-handed regulation […]

Sencrop predicts weather conditions at a microclimate level for farmers
Romain Dillet

French startup Sencrop just raised an $18 million Series B funding round led by JVP. The company helps farmers mitigate all sorts of risks, from extreme weather events to diseases that affect various crops. It is both a hardware and software play with a forecasting service that you can access through a subscription product. Weather […]

Facebook bans politician of India’s ruling party for violating hate speech
Manish Singh

Facebook has banned a politician from India’s ruling party, Bharatiya Janata Party, for violating its policies against hate speech on its platform, the company said today, weeks after inaction on the politician’s posts landed the social giant in hot water in its biggest market by users. The company said it had removed profiles of T. […]

TikTok to add Election Day resources, live results from AP to its election guide
Sarah Perez

TikTok announced this morning it will expand the set of resources provided in its in-app election guide in the U.S. to include direct access to sites that help users get information about polling locations and hours, those that help people having voting difficulties, and those offering other details how the voting process works, and more. […]

Elon Musk says Twitter Blue will cost $8/month with regional pricing
Ivan Mehta

After much uncertainty around Twitter Blue’s revamp, Elon Musk laid out the company’s approach. He said that the new paid plan will cost $8 per month — something that he mentioned in a reply to Stephen King’s tweet. Plus, the price will be adjusted according to purchasing power parity of the company, hinting towards a […] Elon Musk says Twitter Blue will cost $8/month with regional pricing by Ivan Mehta originally published on TechCrunch