Cochlear Implants
Joe Kissell

With an external microphone and processing circuitry and tiny electrodes implanted into the cochlea, some deaf people can regain partial hearing. But is this a cure or an assault on entire culture?

How companies are working around Apple’s ban on vaping apps
Matt Burns

Apple banned vaping apps in November 2019. Since then, the company has said very little about its decision, leaving many companies upset and confused about its blanket prohibition. Three months later, companies are working around Apple’s ban. Here’s how they’re doing it. Apple’s wide-sweeping ban on vaping affected apps from Juul, Pax and many others, […]

Natalist founder Halle Tecco wants to get you pregnant
Sarah Buhr

Halle Tecco is no stranger to conception struggles. The Rock Health founder and former CEO has been public about her journey on social media, including two rounds of IVF, eventually leading to a healthy baby girl. Now, she wants to help others make babies, too. To get there, Tecco has joined a class of new […]

San Francisco is getting closer to an e-cigarette ban to protect kids, but it may hurt adult smokers who use vaping to quit
Catherine Shu

San Francisco is getting closer to banning the sale of e-cigarettes in the city in a bid to prevent minors from accessing them—but the new legislation may also hurt adult smokers who are trying to quit. The city’s Board of Supervisors today voted unanimously to approve two proposals: legislation that would ban the sale or delivery […]

Urban, the on-demand wellness platform, adds physiotherapy to its roster of on-demand services
Steve O'Hear

Urban, the London-headquartered company that lets you book a growing range of “wellness” services on demand — spanning massage, osteopathy, to various beauty treatments — is adding physiotherapy to its roster in a bid to become a “one-stop-shop” for physical wellbeing. The new pay-as-you-go physiotherapy offering will let you book a HCPC-registered physio via the […]

What top VCs look for in women’s fertility startups
Sarah Buhr

A number of promising women’s health tech companies have popped up in the last few years, from fertility apps to ovulation bracelets — even Apple has jumped into the subject with the addition of period tracking built into the latest edition of the watch. But there hasn’t been much in the way of innovation in […]

India bans e-cigarettes citing youth health concerns
Natasha Lomas

India’s government has announced an immediate ban on e-cigarettes — citing youth-focused public health concerns. In a news statement following a cabinet meeting today finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman said the ban covers production, manufacturing, import, export, transport, sale, distribution, storage and advertising of e-cigarettes. Sitharaman suggested India’s youth are viewing e-cigarettes as a “style statement”, […]

Health, Covid, Anxiety and Depression: The results are in - FML

Today, I went to get Covid test because I had chest pain and shortness of breath. Turns out, I just have depression and anxiety. FML

Legacy, a sperm testing and freezing service, just raised $3.5 million to send the message to men: get checked
Connie Loizos

Legacy, a male fertility startup, has just raised a fresh, $3.5 million in funding from Bill Maris’s San Diego-based venture firm, Section 32, along with Y Combinator and Bain Capital Ventures, which led a $1.5 million seed round for the Boston startup last year. We talked earlier today with Legacy’s founder and CEO Khaled Kteily […]

New TikTok feature allows users to avoid videos with epileptic seizure triggers
Catherine Shu

TikTok announced today it is rolling out a new feature that will allow people with photosensitive epilepsy to automatically skip videos that can trigger seizures. The “Skip All” option will be introduced to all users over the next few weeks and comes a few months after TikTok began automatically warning creators if a video contains […]

Want to know where epidemics are flaring up around the world? Metabiota has the tool for you
Jonathan Shieber

In an effort to inform the public of the health risks breaking out all over the world (or just to scare the bejeezus out of already paranoid people), the startup Metabiota has released a free-to-use epidemic tracker for all of the outbreaks monitored publicly around the world. The San Francisco-based company frames its tool as […]

This startup wants to bring clarity to the complex world of IVF
Natasha Mascarenhas

About 180 million people globally suffer from infertility. In the United States, one in eight families have trouble conceiving. The statistics are only getting worse, as male infertility and miscarriages continue to increase. Alife Health, a San Francisco-based startup founded by Paxton Maeder-York, thinks it can help. The startup wants to use artificial intelligence to […]

Sperm storage startups are raising millions
Kate Clark

Men's fertility solutions capture the attention of venture capitalists.

As vape lung death toll mounts, CDC investigators warn against ‘informal’ THC sources
Devin Coldewey

At least a dozen people have died of an acute lung condition related to vaping, and while officials aren't ready to pin it on any one chemical or brand, they are warning that many of the patients reported buying THC cartridges from "informal sources" — which is to say off the street or online.

Legacy, a sperm testing and freezing service, raises $1.5M
Kate Clark

Bain Capital Ventures bets on fertility.

Intimacy, Sex and Pregnancy: No kidding - FML

Today, I congratulated my best mate and his wife on their third pregnancy in three years. It then dawned on me that they've had sex more times in three years of marriage than I have had in six years of mine. FML

Codagenix raises $20 million for a new flu vaccine and other therapies
Jonathan Shieber

Codagenix, a company developing vaccines and viral therapies for illnesses ranging from the flu and respiratory viruses to dengue fever, has raised $20 million in a new round of financing. The company’s new investment round was led by Adjuvant Capital, with additional participation from Euclidean Capital and Topspin Partners . Codagenix will use the funds […]

Willo is a robot that wants to replace your toothbrush
Romain Dillet

If you think about it, the basic concept of a toothbrush hasn’t evolved since… forever. Sure, many people have switched to an electric toothbrush, but it remains a stick with a brush at the end. Willo thinks that’s not good enough. The company has developed an oral care device to improve brushing with a focus […]

Modern Fertility raises $15 million to sell its hormone tests — and gather more fertility data from its users
Connie Loizos

A fresh $15 million in funding led by Forerunner Ventures should help. Forerunner founder Kirsten Green, who takes a board seat as part of the round, is known for countless savvy bets on a wide number of consumer brands that have taken off with users, from Dollar Shave Club to Bonobos to Glossier. With Forerunner’s […]

Pinterest starts displaying information from health organizations for searches related to vaccines
Catherine Shu

As part of its efforts against health misinformation, Pinterest is now displaying information from public health organizations for keywords like “measles” or “vaccine safety.” The social media platform had previously blocked vaccination-related search terms, but a new announcement says the company wants to close the “data void” that results from false information being spread more […]

Mate Fertility is aiming to create a franchise of fertility clinics open to everyone
Jonathan Shieber

Mate Fertility, the new Los Angeles startup launching today with $2.8 million in financing, has a mission to create a more inclusive network of family planning services for people struggling with the high cost and low availability of fertility clinics around the country. Founded by serial entrepreneur Oliver Bogner and his brother Gabriel, Mate was […]

C2i, a genomics SaaS product to detect traces of cancer, raises $100M Series B
Marcella McCarthy

If you or a loved one has ever undergone a tumor removal as part of cancer treatment, you’re likely familiar with the period of uncertainty and fear that follows. Will the cancer return, and if so, will the doctors catch it at an early enough stage? C2i Genomics has developed software that’s 100x more sensitive […]

Using AI to improve dentistry, VideaHealth gets a $5.4 million polish
Jonathan Shieber

Florian Hillen, the chief executive officer of a new startup called VideaHealth, first started researching the problems with dentistry about three years ago. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard-educated researcher had been doing research in machine learning and image recognition for years and wanted to apply that research in a field that desperately needed […]

Insects and Dentist: Today, a fly landed on my dentist's arm. The same arm and hand... - FML

Today, a fly landed on my dentist's arm. The same arm and hand holding the needle inserted into my gum. He instinctively tried to shake it off. FML

Health: Once bitten… - FML

Today, after worrying for years about grinding my teeth after various dentists mentioned seeing evidence. Apparently, this worry manifested as subconsciously putting my tongue in the way at night, to the point where I have an open bite at 39 when I never had a problem before. I can't bite through sushi or sandwiches. FML

Vape lung has claimed its first victim, and the CDC is investigating
Devin Coldewey

A person has died from what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention speculate is a vaping-related condition. Nearly 200 other cases of varying severeness have been reported nationwide described by the CDC as "severe unexplained respiratory systems after reported vaping or e-cigarette use."

Work, Anxiety, Sleep, Dreams, Nightmare and PTSD: PTSD FML - FML

Today, I was working a phone call in a call center when I suddenly began to faint while at it. It turned out to be a bad dream I'd woken up from, because it's been three months since I've worked at that call center. FML

Goldman Sachs backs electric toothbrush startup Burst Oral Care
Anthony Ha

Burst Oral Care, a startup that sells an electric toothbrush boasting charcoal bristles and 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute, has raised a Series C of undisclosed size. Although we don’t know the amount of the round, the Series C was led by Goldman Sachs Growth Equity, and Burst says it more than doubled the valuation […]

SmileDirectClub files to go public amidst concerns from dental associations
Megan Rose Dickey

SmileDirectClub, the at-home teeth-straightening service, is on its way to becoming a public company. SmileDirectClub is seeking to raise up to $100 million in its IPO, according to its S-1 filed today. The number of shares and price range for the offering have yet to be determined. Prior to this, SmileDirectClub reached a $3.2 billion […]

Health and Doctor: Dyslexics untie! - FML

Today, after finding out from my psychologist that I have a disability in reading comprehension, I tried to Google how to improve my reading skills. I couldn't understand what any of the articles were saying. FML