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Cochlear Implants
Joe Kissell

With an external microphone and processing circuitry and tiny electrodes implanted into the cochlea, some deaf people can regain partial hearing. But is this a cure or an assault on entire culture?

Health and Pregnancy: Science has gone too far - FML

Today, I went in for a full hysterectomy due to medical issues. I came out being 6 weeks pregnant. FML

Insects and Dentist: Today, a fly landed on my dentist's arm. The same arm and hand... - FML

Today, a fly landed on my dentist's arm. The same arm and hand holding the needle inserted into my gum. He instinctively tried to shake it off. FML

Health, Covid, Anxiety and Depression: The results are in - FML

Today, I went to get Covid test because I had chest pain and shortness of breath. Turns out, I just have depression and anxiety. FML

Veteran digital health pros found virtual eating disorder care startup
Andrew Mendez

For Amanda D’Ambra and Joan Zhang, the idea of starting and co-founding an eating disorder care startup was personal: Both struggled with an eating disorder, along with other mental health issues, and received treatment — a treatment they hoped more people would be able to access. D’Ambra and Zhang previously worked in digital health spaces […]

As vape lung death toll mounts, CDC investigators warn against ‘informal’ THC sources
Devin Coldewey

At least a dozen people have died of an acute lung condition related to vaping, and while officials aren't ready to pin it on any one chemical or brand, they are warning that many of the patients reported buying THC cartridges from "informal sources" — which is to say off the street or online.

Natalist founder Halle Tecco wants to get you pregnant
Sarah Buhr

Halle Tecco is no stranger to conception struggles. The Rock Health founder and former CEO has been public about her journey on social media, including two rounds of IVF, eventually leading to a healthy baby girl. Now, she wants to help others make babies, too. To get there, Tecco has joined a class of new […]

Codagenix raises $20 million for a new flu vaccine and other therapies
Jonathan Shieber

Codagenix, a company developing vaccines and viral therapies for illnesses ranging from the flu and respiratory viruses to dengue fever, has raised $20 million in a new round of financing. The company’s new investment round was led by Adjuvant Capital, with additional participation from Euclidean Capital and Topspin Partners . Codagenix will use the funds […]

Modern Fertility raises $15 million to sell its hormone tests — and gather more fertility data from its users
Connie Loizos

A fresh $15 million in funding led by Forerunner Ventures should help. Forerunner founder Kirsten Green, who takes a board seat as part of the round, is known for countless savvy bets on a wide number of consumer brands that have taken off with users, from Dollar Shave Club to Bonobos to Glossier. With Forerunner’s […]

Eko expands algorithmic heart problem detection and lands $30M Series C extension
Emma Betuel

The stethoscope has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the 19th century. The regular acoustic type is still used every day, but it’s been joined by a panoply of digital options that can amplify or convert heart sounds into electrical signals. Eko, a company founded in 2013, has focused on bringing applied […]

Pinterest starts displaying information from health organizations for searches related to vaccines
Catherine Shu

As part of its efforts against health misinformation, Pinterest is now displaying information from public health organizations for keywords like “measles” or “vaccine safety.” The social media platform had previously blocked vaccination-related search terms, but a new announcement says the company wants to close the “data void” that results from false information being spread more […]

Mate Fertility is aiming to create a franchise of fertility clinics open to everyone
Jonathan Shieber

Mate Fertility, the new Los Angeles startup launching today with $2.8 million in financing, has a mission to create a more inclusive network of family planning services for people struggling with the high cost and low availability of fertility clinics around the country. Founded by serial entrepreneur Oliver Bogner and his brother Gabriel, Mate was […]

C2i, a genomics SaaS product to detect traces of cancer, raises $100M Series B
Marcella McCarthy

If you or a loved one has ever undergone a tumor removal as part of cancer treatment, you’re likely familiar with the period of uncertainty and fear that follows. Will the cancer return, and if so, will the doctors catch it at an early enough stage? C2i Genomics has developed software that’s 100x more sensitive […]

Using AI to improve dentistry, VideaHealth gets a $5.4 million polish
Jonathan Shieber

Florian Hillen, the chief executive officer of a new startup called VideaHealth, first started researching the problems with dentistry about three years ago. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard-educated researcher had been doing research in machine learning and image recognition for years and wanted to apply that research in a field that desperately needed […]

Legacy, a sperm testing and freezing service, just raised $3.5 million to send the message to men: get checked
Connie Loizos

Legacy, a male fertility startup, has just raised a fresh, $3.5 million in funding from Bill Maris’s San Diego-based venture firm, Section 32, along with Y Combinator and Bain Capital Ventures, which led a $1.5 million seed round for the Boston startup last year. We talked earlier today with Legacy’s founder and CEO Khaled Kteily […]

Health: Once bitten… - FML

Today, after worrying for years about grinding my teeth after various dentists mentioned seeing evidence. Apparently, this worry manifested as subconsciously putting my tongue in the way at night, to the point where I have an open bite at 39 when I never had a problem before. I can't bite through sushi or sandwiches. FML

Injectsense collects $1.7M grant for its eye implant smaller than a grain of rice
Emma Betuel

If you were to accidentally drop the eye sensor developed by Injectsense you’d have little chance of finding it. Ariel Cao, the founder and CEO, admits as much. But once it’s been implanted into the back of your eye, it can remain there, basically immobile for as long as 80 years – all the while […]

Y Combinator-backed Adra wants to turn all dentists into cavity-finding ‘super dentists’
Christine Hall

Adra is bringing AI into the dentist's day-to-day workflow so they can spend less time finding cavities and more time with patients.

Work, Anxiety, Sleep, Dreams, Nightmare and PTSD: PTSD FML - FML

Today, I was working a phone call in a call center when I suddenly began to faint while at it. It turned out to be a bad dream I'd woken up from, because it's been three months since I've worked at that call center. FML

CurieMD is using telehealth to plug the menopause support gap
Natasha Lomas

U.S. femtech startup CurieMD is offering menopause diagnosis and treatment prescription via a telehealth platform — beginning in California, where it launched late last year. Founder Dr Leslie Meserve says the goal is to widen access to treatment and support services for mid-life women, spying a business opportunity in offering an auxiliary digital service targeting […]

Fertility startup Mojo wants to take the trial and error out of IVF
Natasha Lomas

Fertility tech startup Mojo is coming out of stealth to announce a €1.7 million (~$1.8M) seed round of funding led by Nordic seed fund Inventure. Also participating are Doberman and Privilege Ventures (an investor in Ava), plus a number of angel investors including Josefin Landgard (founder and ex-CEO of Kry) and Hampus Jakobsson (partner at […]

Mark Cuban on his online pharmacy: ‘Our KPI is how much we can reduce the stress of our patients’
Devin Coldewey

Mark Cuban’s announcement over the weekend of an online pharmacy selling over a hundred generic drugs at near cost was totally unexpected but will likely be welcomed by millions who struggle to afford medication. The billionaire told TechCrunch that the business model is refreshingly simple: “Lower pricing reduces patient stress, and that will lead to […]

FDA says Juul ‘ignored the law’ and warns it may take action
Devin Coldewey

The Food and Drug Administration has put vaping giant Juul on notice with a pair of letters calling the company out for misleading statements about its products and ongoing targeting of teens. It is demanding written answers to a boatload of pertinent questions and expects Juul to respond within two weeks or risk "even more aggressive action" by regulators.

Health, Pregnancy and Poopoo peepee: The joys of motherhood - FML

Today, I've had such bad constipation during my fourth pregnancy that I have now had to manually scoop the poop out of my ass to get things moving again. FML

Health and Painful: GERD Gang! - FML

Today, I learned that I have multiple gallstones, even though the lab report said I only had one. However, the pain is both in my left side and right side, as well as around my navel. I also have Chronic GERD and IBS. FML

Health and Dentist: Worst teeth in the game - FML

Today, I went to the dentist and she told me, "If you don't stop smoking, yellow teeth aren't the only thing you'll have to worry about." I don't even smoke. FML

Health, Dentist and Painful: Power grid - FML

Today, I was at the dentist's and she was hands deep in my mouth with a drill, when the power for the whole block shuts off. For 3 hours, the dentist had to keep shooting me up with shots to numb the horrible pain. FML

As demand for mental health services soars, SonderMind raises $27 million to expand its services
Jonathan Shieber

“Our real focus is on democratizing mental healthcare,” says SonderMind co-founder chief executive, Mark Frank. His company, founded back in 2017, is having a moment. With the restrictions and economic stresses caused by the government’s efforts to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic in the U.S., demand for mental health services is soaring. And […]

SmileDirectClub’s former CEO is back with a new dental startup called Tend
Connie Loizos

A growing number of newer dental brands has been attracting money from venture investors who are still kicking themselves for missing runaway hits. Most notable among these breakout companies is newly public SmileDirectClub, which sells teeth-straightening products directly to consumers and is beloved by analysts, even though its shares have slipped since its September IPO. […]

LightForce Orthodontics wolfs down $50M to straighten out that crooked smile of yours
Haje Jan Kamps

Everyone’s set of teeth are different enough that orthodontics has traditionally been part artistry, part medical witchcraft. In the late 1990s, Invisalign changed the industry with customizable aligners, but it turns out that aligners only serve 30% of orthodontics patients. For the rest, there hasn’t been much in the way of innovation — until LightForce […]