#Agriculture & Forestry

Autonomous tractor maker Monarch raises $61 million
Brian Heater

Way back in March, autonomous tractor maker Monarch announced a $20 million Series A. Now, a mere eight months later, the company is tripling the round, with a $61 million Series B. This latest raise is led by sustainable food fund Astanor Ventures, with participation from CNH Industrial, At One Ventures and Trimble Ventures. The […]

Bringing tech efficiencies to the agribusiness market, Silo harvests $3 million
Jonathan Shieber

Roughly $165 billion worth of wholesale produce is bought and sold every year in the U.S. And while that number is expected to go up to $1 trillion by 2025, the business of agribusiness remains unaffected by technology advancements that have reshaped almost every other industry. Now Silo, a company that recently raised $3 million […]

Vertical Oceans aims to grow sustainable shrimp in huge ‘aqua towers’ inside cities
Mike Butcher

John Diener, the CEO of an aquaculture nutrition and genetics company, would visit hundreds of shrimp farms as part of his job. But gradually he became frustrated by some of the environmentally unsustainable practices used in many locations. One night, his wife bought some frozen shrimp to cook for dinner and he realized the industry […]

Brazil’s Future Farm rakes in $58M to sell more plant-based meat and dairy
Natasha Lomas

Another big raise in the alternative protein space: Future Farm, a Brazilian-based food tech startup that touts plant-based meat substitutes with a “true” meat-like texture, has closed a $58 million Series C funding round, co-led by BTG, as it gears up for rapid growth in the U.S. and Europe. Other investors in the Series C […]

Farmland could be the next big asset class modernized by marketplace startups
Jonathan Shieber

A growing number of companies are revolutionizing the way farm and forestland is acquired, developed and commercialized across the United States.

Better Origin, which turns flies into food for chickens, raises $3M from… Fly Ventures
Mike Butcher

It turns out, where there are flies, there’s brass. Better Origin is a startup that converts waste food into essential nutrients using insects fed to chickens inside a standard shipping container. It’s now raised a $3 million seed round led by Fly Ventures and solar entrepreneur Nick Boyle, while previous investor Metavallon VC is also […]

Mealworm farming company Beta Hatch raises $10M
Brian Heater

Last time I was in Hong Kong, a startup gave me a jar of mealworms as a snack. They were crunchy and a bit odd looking (as one might expect from a jar full of baked larvae). They really didn’t offer much in the way of flavor, though, so maybe supply your own seasoning. For […]

Cooks Venture picks up $12 million to rethink agriculture from the ground up
Jordan Crook

“You are what what you’re eating eats,” says Matthew Wadiak, cofounder and CEO of Cooks Venture and former Blue Apron COO. The company, which just received $12 million in funding, is looking to rethink the way we grow crops, feed our livestock, and ultimately take better care of our planet. The strategy is three-fold. First, […]

Regenerative agriculture is the next great ally in fight against climate change
Annie Siebert

Backed by innovations in science, big data, financing and farmer networking, investing in regenerative agriculture promises to slash farming’s carbon footprint while rewarding farmers for their stewardship.

Agreena, a regenerative farming carbon market, raises $4.7M seed from Giant Ventures
Mike Butcher

Farming accounts for 24% of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions, and this is largely due to the intensive, “industrial” farming methods employed in the last few decades, together with the rise in the consumption of meat. However, a new approach has been taking the farming world by storm. “Regenerative farming” practices hand unproductive land back to […]

Ag monitoring startup FluroStat merges with soil carbon expert Dagan to form Regrow
Jonathan Shieber

FluroStat and Dagan, two startups that both are tackling the monitoring and management of agricultural inputs and outputs for a better understanding of the role sustainable agriculture can play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, have merged and are launching a package of services under a new brand, Regrow. The merge, announced yesterday, will create a […]

Indonesia “sea-to-table” platform Aruna hooks $35M led by Prosus and East Ventures Growth Fund
Catherine Shu

When Aruna’s founders first met at university, they wanted to find a way to use their studies in information technology to help family members who were running small fisheries. Indonesia is one of the world’s largest fisheries producers, but the industry is very fragmented. This means fisheries, especially small ones, deal with fluctuations in demand […]