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New pet tech at CES treats dogs and cats like the complex beings they are
Devin Coldewey

There’s always fun tech for pet owners at CES, and 2022 is no different. But a handful of gadgets this year are taking care to treat dogs and cats not just as beloved furry friends but as intelligent animals with their own processes, emotions, and even a desire to express themselves. At the most basic […]

DJI Mavic Mini Review
Matt Burns

The $399 Mavic Mini lives in a sweet spot of core features and a low price. It packs everything critical to be a quality drone. It has a good camera, good range, and a good controller. It holds up well in the wind and is quick enough to be fun. And it’s so small that […]

[Easy English Blog] Christmas is a long festival

Sometimes when we think about Christmas, we only think about Christmas Day. But the Christmas festival is much longer than that! Since the beginning of December, I have been hearing Christmas music in all the stores. Some people’s houses have big Santas in their gardens or many Christmas lights. The streets of our city have … Continue reading [Easy English Blog] Christmas is a long festival

We’ve come full rectangle: Polaroid is reborn out of The Impossible Project
Devin Coldewey

More than a decade after announcing that it would keep Polaroid's abandoned instant film alive, The Impossible Project has done the... improbable: It has officially become the brand it set out to save. And to commemorate the occasion there's a new camera, the Polaroid Now.

Adobe rolls out Photoshop and Premiere Elements 2023 with AI-powered features
Kyle Wiggers

In a bid for the TikTok, YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels crowd, Adobe today announced updates to Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements — its lightweight photo and video editing software bundle — that focus on improving the audio track selection and adding artistic effects to videos. Photoshop Elements 2023 and Premiere Elements 2023 also add […] Adobe rolls out Photoshop and Premiere Elements 2023 with AI-powered features by Kyle Wiggers originally published on TechCrunch

Reasons to Tour By Bicycle
Kevin Kelly

I recommend a long bicycle tour as one of the best ways to see parts of the world, especially America. There was an article in a recent New York Times about 8 great bike touring routes in the US. These … Continue reading →

Wedding dress - FML

Today, I walked down the aisle when a bug flew into my mouth. In a response, I threw up on my beautiful white wedding dress. I had to party and be in the pictures in someones spare pink dress for the rest of the day. FML

Weddings, Marriage and Sleep: Wedding of the year - FML

Today, I dreamed that I got so nervous during a toast at my friend's wedding that I pissed myself. To coax myself to wake up, I took off my dress, stripped down to my underwear, and pinched myself. I wasn't dreaming. FML

Animals, Dogs and Diets: Do not feed the animals - FML

Today, after months of trying to get my Pomeranian to lose weight (the vet said she needed to lose 2kg), she was finally getting close to the goal. My cleaner came while I was at work. When I got home, I weighed my dog again, and she had put on 0.5kg, due to the cleaner not following the instructions not to feed her. FML

Adobe Lightroom gets a new color grading tool, auto versions, graphical watermarking and more
Frederic Lardinois

At its MAX conference, Adobe today announced the launch of the latest version of Lightroom, its popular photo management and editing tool. The highlights of today’s release are the introduction of a new color grading tool that’s more akin to what you’d find in a video editor like Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve, auto versioning […]

Kitty Hawk’s Flyer personal VTOL has now flown over 25,000 times
Darrell Etherington

Flying cars, or at least their functional equivalent, edge closer to reality every day – and startup Kitty Hawk wants you to know it’s putting in the flying time to make it happen. The company, led by former Google self-driving car visionary Sebastian Thrun, has now flown its first aircraft, the one-person Flyer, over 25,000 […]

[Easy English Vlog] Christmas season

In this Easy English Vlog, I talk about the Christmas season. By I Talk You Talk Press – Easy English Reading and Easy English Listening

Canon takes on Fuji with new instant-print CLIQ cameras
Devin Coldewey

Instant print cameras have been popular for a long, long time, but they're seeing a renaissance now — led by Fujifilm, whose Instax mini-films and cameras lead the pack. But Canon wants in, and has debuted a pair of new cameras to challenge Fuji's dominance — but their reliance on digital printing may hold them back.

Animals, Cats and Kittens: Paw Patrol - FML

Today, on the plus side, I have the best home entertainment ever. On the annoying side, a bunch of kittens will certainly decide that running up *underneath* the protective sheet you put over the sofa is THE most fun to be had. FML

[Easy English Blog] New Year’s resolutions

How are you getting on with your New Year’s resolutions? Are you keeping them? I am keeping some of them. One of my goals was to study French and Chinese every day, and I am doing that. Another goal was to exercise every day, and I’m still doing that too. These have now become habits. … Continue reading [Easy English Blog] New Year’s resolutions

Animals, Kids, Cats and Babies: Cats with jobs - FML

Today, our baby cries constantly, except for when our grumpy old feral tom cat comes over to lay beside her, lick her head and so on. This bastard cat is the most ornery sumbitch I've ever met and bites worse than a bear trap, yet he's a better dad than I am. Plus, he looks so damn smug while he's doing it. FML

Animals, Cats and Wake up: Purr Evil - FML

Today, I was awakened at 5:30 a.m. Did my dog need to go out? No. Did my alarm go off? No. My neighbor's asshole cat was on my window AC, scratching at my window, before pissing on the AC and jumping off. If I turn it on, my bedroom will reek of cat piss. The high today will be near 90. FML

The M11 is Leica’s new flagship rangefinder
Devin Coldewey

Leica’s a strange one. It only puts out a handful of cameras every year, and most of them are remixes or minor iterations on previous models. Since 2017 its flagship has been the solid but still somewhat archaic M10, but now the company has revealed its successor: the even more solid and also still somewhat […]

Animals, Cats and Painful: Cat mojo - FML

Today, my ill-tempered cat tried to slap me in the face. She ended up sticking one of her claws as far up my nostril as it would go, and got stuck. Not only did I kinda get to experience what it feels like to be stabbed, I also got a horrible nosebleed. FML

Pet insurance startups chase the market as pet ownership booms among Gen Z and Millennials
Mike Butcher

Walk through any public park these days and you will see a hell of a lot more dogs than you might have done three years ago. The loneliness of the pandemic lockdowns led to an explosion in pet ownership. Plus, The demographic of pet ownership has shifted. Whereas previously it was Granny or Grandpa who […] Pet insurance startups chase the market as pet ownership booms among Gen Z and Millennials by Mike Butcher originally published on TechCrunch

Jinx launches a text-to-buy dog food platform, with help from Initialized Capital
Anthony Ha

Jinx is launching a simple way to buy dog food and manage orders via text message. The startup says it has developed “the first text-to-buy platform in the legacy pet food space,” in partnership with its investor Initialized Capital and the firm’s co-founder Alexis Ohanian (who departed earlier this year and is raising a new fund). […]

Adobe Lightroom arrives in the Mac App Store
Brian Heater

The pro-focused photo editing tool Lightroom is now available on the Mac App Store, marking the first major Adobe app to be available through the revamped version of the platform. The title joins the more lightweight Photoshop Elements, but is the sole pro app currently available through the venue.  Unlike Element’s flat $70 a month […]

Canon’s new R5 and R6 mirrorless cameras offer big video upgrades, bird eye autofocus and more
Darrell Etherington

Canon has finally fully revealed its much-anticipated R5 and R6 mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, and they look like very strong contenders for the field. The R5 is the new flagship of Canon’s mirrorless line, and it’s priced accordingly at $3,899 for the body alone. The R6 is its ‘affordable’ sibling at $2,499 for the body […]

Direct-to-consumer cat food startup Smalls raises $9M
Anthony Ha

While dog owners have plenty of direct-to-consumer options if they want to order pet food online, we haven’t seen a similar wave of startups for cats. But that may be starting to change. Earlier this year, I wrote about Cat Person, a startup backed by Harry’s Labs offering a variety of cat care products, including […]

[Easy English Blog] Half marathon

Yesterday, I ran the distance of a half marathon. It was my first time to run so far. I usually run 10 or 15km, but this time, I wanted to see if I could run farther. I belong to a running club. The other members of the club take part in half marathon and full … Continue reading [Easy English Blog] Half marathon

DJI’s latest Mavic drone starts at $1,469
Brian Heater

Affordability is fairly malleable concept when it comes to consumer drones. We’ve seen plenty of systems positioned as affordable – or even cheap – over the years, but lowering the price point generally comes with its share of tradeoffs. It’s something DJI itself has flirted with a bit itself, with some more basic and entry-level […] DJI’s latest Mavic drone starts at $1,469 by Brian Heater originally published on TechCrunch

Flux Marine revs up its electric outboard business with $15M A round
Devin Coldewey

The race is certainly on in the electrification of boating… even if everyone is jockeying for position before the market materializes. Flux Marine is joining the likes of Pure and Zin in trying to convert some of our waterways’ gas-guzzling outboards to cleaner, quieter battery powered ones, and the company just raised $15.5 million ahead […]

Bond Vet raises $17 million to be the CityMD of veterinary care
Jordan Crook

Bond Vet, the NYC-based tech-forward veterinary startup, has announced the close of a $17 million Series A financing. The round was led by Talisman Capital Partners. The startup has clinics across NYC that are meant to fill the gap between veterinary ERs and the veterinary equivalent of a primary care physician, modeling the business after […]

Cowboy releases updated e-bike with new carbon belt
Romain Dillet

Electric-bike maker Cowboy has released a new iteration of its bike, the Cowboy 3. It’s a relatively small update that should make the experience better for newcomers. The first orders will be delivered at the end of July and the Cowboy 3 is now slightly more expensive at €2,290 or £1,990 ($2,500). The bike still […]

Facet raises $13M to add photo editing features Photoshop can only dream of
Haje Jan Kamps

In a nutshell, the company has created an AI-powered photo editing tool that can be accessed using APIs. This means that you can do extremely powerful batch photo editing that is kind of like a mash-up between Snapchat’s photo filters, Adobe Lightroom’s batch editing features, Photoshop’s flexibility and the collaborative powers of Figma and the […]