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Indian lawmakers accuse Facebook of political bias
Manish Singh

Facebook is facing heat in India, its biggest market by users, over a report that claimed the company compromised its hate speech policy to favor the ruling party. Politicians from both Bharatiya Janata Party, which rules the government in India, and opposition Indian National Congress lambasted Facebook for its supposed favoritism to the other and […]

The GoPro MAX is the ultimate pocketable travel vlogging camera
Darrell Etherington

GoPro’s first foray into the 360-degree action was the GoPro Fusion, and while it was a strong first offering, the new GoPro MAX ($499) is a very different – and much improved – immersive action camera that has a lot to offer experienced videographers and voices alike. To be sure, the MAX has trade-offs, but […]

Fujifilm’s upcoming X-Pro3 camera has a unique design sure to appeal to film photographers
Darrell Etherington

Fujifilm is teasing its forthcoming X-Pro3, the successor to its popular digital rangefinder mirrorless camera, ahead of its official full introduction on October 23. During its X Summit event going on today, the company showed off the X-Pro3 in detailed images (via Fujirumors), revealing for the first time its innovative new rear display design. The […]

Relatable, Awkward, Fear and Neighbours: Renegade neighbor - FML

Today, I have an egregious delinquent neighbor. She is always using internet and electrical services illegally, but is always getting packages from Amazon. Her packages are always left at my place, as she is so afraid of tax collectors, she won't open the door. She gave my billing address without my consent. FML

Spotify adds a centralized hub to learn more about songwriters
Brian Heater

Royalties aside, songwriters are often unsung heroes of music making. Sure, some — like Carole King and Jimmy Webb — become well-known in their own right, but more often than not, names are relegated to the liner notes. A new feature in Spotify seeks to correct that — or at least offers listeners a way […]

Vampires are everywhere - FML

Today, at 1:30 a.m., a big ass bat squeezed its nasty body through the bottom crack of the door. My sweet little Corgi cowered on the bed as the bat flew circles around my head. I'll be moving now. FML

Kayak co-founder Paul English just launched Moonbeam, a podcast discovery app
Amanda Silberling

Podcast downloads have boomed over the last year, and Kayak co-founder and tech entrepreneur Paul English became an avid, daily listener. But anyone who loves podcasts knows that podcast discovery can be challenging. Even the top streaming apps like Apple Podcasts and Spotify lack robust discovery tools — so last week, when Spotify acquired the […]

Social radio startup Stationhead moves beyond live broadcasts
Anthony Ha

Stationhead, the mobile app that turns its users into streaming radio DJs, got a big upgrade today. Where Stationhead DJs were previously limited to broadcasting live, they can now record their shows, making them available on-demand for anyone to listen later. The idea behind Stationhead is to democratize and recapture the personality of traditional radio […]

Optical Painters’ Aids
Joe Kissell

A debate raging in the art world involves the claim that Vermeer and other famous painters used optical aids such as a camera obscura to achieve realistic perspectives in their work.

Love, Awkward and Mistakes: Don't stare - FML

Today, after I spaced out for 3 minutes, the guy in front of me asked if I was interested in him. I replied that I'm not gay. It turns out "he" was a woman, not a guy. FML

Majelan is a personal podcast player with premium content
Romain Dillet

Meet Majelan, a French startup that wants to make podcasts more accessible. Behind the scene, Majelan is the startup created by former Radio France CEO Mathieu Gallet and Arthur Perticoz. The app is launching today on iOS and Android in the coming days. Given that Gallet was previously at the head of all French public […]

Spotify launches its lightweight listening app Stations in the US
Sarah Perez

Spotify Stations, the streaming service’s lightweight listening app offering easy access to curated playlists, has arrived in the U.S. The app has been considered an experiment by Spotify — and by some others, a Pandora copycat, due to its support for instant music playback at launch. The Stations app is designed for those who want […]

How to get your nice camera set up as a high-quality webcam
Devin Coldewey

Everyone needs a webcam these days, whether for business meetings or the distant socializing accomplished via video calling — but if you’re like most, you’re using the built-in camera on your laptop or some piece of junk from years ago. But if you happen to have a nice big-brand camera, it’s easy to set it […]

Work, Awkward and Farts: Elephant - FML

Today, I farted in my office, assuming nobody would come in until the smoke cleared. The new girl then came in to introduce herself. She had her hands on her nose the whole time, while we both awkwardly tried to ignore the stank elephant in the room. FML

Spotify to ‘pause’ running political ads, citing lack of proper review
Brian Heater

Ever since the run up to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election (and, arguably, well before that), political ads have become a major sticking point on social media sites looking to crack down on misinformation. Facebook has grappled with the issue to the satisfaction of virtually no one, while Twitter has shut them down altogether. Ad […]

YouTube TV finally adds picture-in-picture support on iOS; YouTube support expected in ‘coming months’
Sarah Perez

YouTube TV is catching up to other streaming apps including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Prime Video and others by finally adding support for picture-in-picture on iOS devices running iOS 15 or higher. First introduced to iPad users with iOS 13 then to iPhone with iOS 14 in 2020, YouTube has been slow to adopt this […]

A voting app by Shadow Inc. takes center stage at chaotic Iowa caucuses
Brian Heater

American democracy can be confusing and messy. There is, perhaps, no better example than last night’s Iowa caucuses. The votes that kick off presidential primary season are, at once, a wonderful celebration of citizen participation in representative democracy and a rather complex system that remains a mystery to many of those outside the nation’s 31st most […]

Amazon acquires podcast network Wondery
Anthony Ha

Amazon just announced that it’s acquiring Wondery, the network behind podcasts including “Dirty John” and “Dr. Death.” Wondery will become part of Amazon Music, which added support for podcasts (including its own original shows) in September. At the same time, the announcement claims that “nothing will change for listeners” and that the network’s podcasts will continue […]

Movies: Hot take review just in - FML

Today, after nearly three hours of watching the new Batman movie, I realized that the film was a waste of time and moments of my life that I will never get back. FML

Fandango adds new features to highlight health precautions and distancing in movie theaters
Anthony Ha

As movie theaters reopen across the United States and the world, there are lingering questions about what kinds of measures those theaters will be taking to keep staff and moviegoers safe in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. These concerns were illustrated last week, when AMC CEO Adam Aron said in an interview that […]

Adobe Photoshop arrives on the iPad
Darrell Etherington

Adobe has released Photoshop for the iPad, after announcing that it would be bringing its popular professional photo-editing software to Apple’s tablets officially last October. Adobe said that it would be launching the app in 2019, and it has made good on that schedule with the release today. Photoshop for iPad is a free download, […]

VSCO’s new editing tool Montage lets you edit and layer both photos and video
Sarah Perez

VSCO, a popular photo editing app (and Gen Z meme), is continuing to shift its focus to video. Last month, the company finally gave its creators the ability to publish their video edits to the VSCO feed alongside their photos. And today VSCO is rolling out a more powerful and complex video editing tool called […]

Spotify is removing Neil Young’s music after falling out over Joe Rogan
Taylor Hatmaker

Musician Neil Young appears to be following through on his threat to pull his extensive and well-loved sonic catalogue from Spotify. Young took a stand against the company’s relationship with podcaster Joe Rogan this week, accusing Spotify of propagating Covid-19 misinformation through Rogan’s hit show, which Spotify bought exclusive rights to in a deal reportedly […]

Weird, Relatable and Awkward: Send 'em in anyway - FML

Today, again I wrote out another FML. Again, I deleted it before posting. Every FML I write would seem like I'm just making stuff up, or would be so obviously me that it would just cause me grief. My life is just an endless stream of weird stuff I can't tell family or friends. FML

Waiting for Godot - FML

Today, I'm still waiting for my ex, who yesterday afternoon told me that he'd be here within the hour. FML

Movie subscription service Sinemia is ending US operations
Brian Heater

Over the past few months, Sinemia has gone from promising MoviePass competitor to the source of frustration for moviegoers across the country. After rumors surfaced earlier this week that it would be backing away from its troubled subscription-based movie ticket offering, it posted official word tonight that it will be shutting down operations in the […]

Tuesday Company acquires VoteWithMe as tech for politics looks to consolidate ahead of 2020
Jonathan Shieber

Tuesday Company, the organizational toolkit for political advocacy groups and candidates, has taken another step to consolidate its position in the growing market for tech-enabled political outreach with the acquisition of the voting mobilization service VoteWithMe. Launched in the wake of the 2016 election by three former staffers from Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency, […]

New movie - FML

Today, my boyfriend came home with three of his best friends and broke up with me in front of them. Then, when I asked if we could talk privately, he filmed it for "documentation". FML

Google will start attributing lyrics in its search results to their third-party providers
Catherine Shu

Earlier this week, music lyrics repository Genius accused Google of lifting lyrics and posting them on its search platform. Genius told the Wall Street Journal that this caused its site traffic to drop. Google, which initially denied wrongdoing but later said it was investigating the issue, addressed the controversy in a blog post today. The […]

Work and Pranks: Just a prank, bro - FML

Today, our boss gave me and my team a final warning, because of a prank that one of my workmates played on him. It isn't the first time shit happens. The boss won't let us dispute it, either. FML