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Love, Christmas and Family: Blue Christmas - FML

Today, my mum told me she would rather spend Christmas with her boyfriend than with her own family. FML

Animals and Cats: Caturday treat! - FML

Today, I watched as my friend played dead to see how her cat would react. She got upset when he just sniffed her hand and walked away. I tried to explain to her that he was smart enough to figure out she was faking it, but I got called a "know-it-all." Jeez, sorry that cats are more intelligent than you thought. FML

Rad Power Bikes reveals more user-friendly next-gen e-bike RadRover 6 Plus for $1,999
Rebecca Bellan

Electric fat-tire bike manufacturer Rad Power Bikes has unveiled the latest model of its flagship RadRover. The updates on the RadRover 6 Plus are emblematic of the company’s mission to enhance rider experience, especially for those who don’t identify as bike riders but are looking for a more eco-friendly way to travel. With those updates, […]

Birthday: Best birthday ever! - FML

Today, it was my birthday. My boyfriend had promised that the day would belong to me. But no, I had to drive 80 km forth and back to pick him up from work, then he took pictures with his new camera lens, then he decided what to eat, demanded a massage and then he just fell asleep. Happy birthday to me. FML

Skydio debuts updated $1099 self-flying drone with new bells and whistles
Lucas Matney

Skydio’s self-flying drone is getting a host of new software, hardware and services updates to ring in the new year. The Bay Areas-based drone company is revamping their flagship drone with a number of features designed around usability, along with a major software update focused on bringing more control to users without forcing them to […]

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro camera upgrades sharpen focus on serious photographers
Devin Coldewey

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro heaps improvements on the already-formidable power of its camera system, adding features that will be prized by “serious” photographers — that is to say, the type who like to really mess around with their shots after the fact. Of course the upgrades will also be noticeable for us “fire and forget” […]

Animals, Poopoo peepee and Cats: Cats can do anything, but they have to want to - FML

Today, after encouraging my cat to try his new cat bed all day with no success, I attempted to gently place him in it. Instead, he managed to fear-spray me in the face. Like a skunk. I didn't even know cats could do that. FML

The Sony RX100 VII is the best compact camera you can buy
Darrell Etherington

Sony’s latest advanced compact camera is the highly pocketable RX100 VII, the seventh iteration of the RX100. Since its debut, this line of cameras has proven a very popular option among enthusiasts looking for a great travel camera, vloggers, and even pros who want a compact backup option just in case. The RX100 VII should […]

Animals, Family, Dogs and Parents: Good boy - FML

Today, my dad called my by the family dog's name, and stared at me blankly as if struggling to remember my name when I was annoyed. FML

New Year’s ……

Can you complete this phrase? It means “New Year goals”. New Year’s …… a) resolve b) resolutions c) resolute d) revolve The answer is below!↓ Answer: b) resolutions New Year’s resolutions! Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? What are they? By I Talk You Talk Press – Easy English Reading

Covid, Christmas and Family: Merry Christmas, or not - FML

Today, I got a quick COVID test and got a positive result. Christmas is in 3 days, my son and husband have to stay with my mom and Christmas is my favorite holiday. I've never been away from them this long and it is killing me. FML

DJI’s new Mini 3 Pro drone hits the aerial photography sweet spot
Darrell Etherington

DJI has just introduced a new drone — its most capable ever to squeak under the 250 gram limit that keeps operators free from a whole host of headaches and restrictions for flight (note that local laws and rules still do apply — being small doesn’t mean you can do anything you want). The DJI […]

Animals and Cats: Needy furbaby - FML

Today, my cat locked herself in the bathroom and screamed until she was let out, for what seems like the millionth time this week. It took me a while to realize she's doing it on purpose for attention. She is loved and cared for; I've never neglected her. Apparently, it's still not enough. FML

Jingle bells - FML

Today, I woke up with my period. At least I'm getting into the Christmas spirit with red and green shorts, right? FML

Animals and Dogs: Dazed and confused - FML

Today, our dog is old and deaf, and has figured out she just needs to bark if she needs to be let inside. Unfortunately, she's also a bit senile, so sometimes she just barks for no reason, while lying still and quite comfortably on her dog bed, staring at nothing. FML

Our Christmas books (3)

Today, we’d like to introduce our level 3 Christmas book – Stories for Christmas. There are five short stories about Christmas in this book. Click on the book for more details, and Merry Christmas!  

Animals, Anxiety and Horses: My lovely horse - FML

Today, after we managed to find a horse that was completely healthy and problem-free, we took her home. Now she keeps getting thinner because she's stressed and scared. Of what? Of having too much space to move around in, and occasionally seeing deer. FML

Animals, Dogs and Cats: Noise annoys - FML

Today, I had to watch my grandparents' dogs. Unfortunately, my grandparents forgot to tell me that their new dogs bark non-stop whenever anyone else is in the house, which inspires the older dogs to do the same thing. The result: Five dogs barking incessantly, for hours on end. This is exactly why I'm a cat person. FML

DJI’s enterprise drone goes foldable
Brian Heater

The first DJI Mavic turned the world of consumer drones on its head when it was released back in late-2016. The compact, foldable design launched a million copy cats around the world — including a number under the drone giant’s own umbrella. Compact certainly isn’t the first word that comes to mind in the enterprise […]

Animals and Cats: Cujo, but for cats - FML

Today, my cat was incessantly meowing trying to get me to wake up and feed him. Because it was 6 a.m., and I'd hardly slept at all last night, my brain decided that the best solution to get him to shut up would be to hug him. The result was a normally docile and lazy cat giving me a nasty scratch next to my left eye. FML

Airvet, a telehealth veterinary platform, just clawed its way to a $14 million Series A round
Connie Loizos

Telemedicine is becoming more widely embraced by the day — and not just for humans. With a pet in roughly 65% of U.S. homes, there is now a dizzying number of companies enabling vets to meet with their furry patients remotely, including Petriage, Anipanion, TeleVet, Linkyvet, TeleTails, VetNOW, PawSquad, Vetoclock and Petpro Connect. One of […]

Animals and Cats: It's Caturday, respect our feline leaders - FML

Today, I was feeding my pets and playing with my puppy when I suddenly felt something behind me. My cat is on the arm of the couch steadily spanking my butt with his paw. I can't win! FML

Google aims to change the definition of good photography with Pixel 4’s software-defined camera
Darrell Etherington

Google’s new Pixel 4 camera offers a ton of new tricks to improve its photographic chops, and to emphasize the point, it had Professor Mark Levoy, who leads camera technology development at Google Research, up on stage to talk about the Pixel 4’s many improvements, including its new telephoto lens, updated Super Res Zoom technology […]

Here are all new camera feature coming to the Pixel 7
Ivan Mehta

Pixel devices are adored for their punchy images and AI-powered photo features, and today, we get treated to a pair of new phones: The Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro. Both phones have a 50-megapixel main sensor and a 12-megapixel ultrawide sensor. The Pixel 7 Pro has an additional 48-megapixel telephoto lens. With these new […] Here are all new camera feature coming to the Pixel 7 by Ivan Mehta originally published on TechCrunch

COVID was the best thing for Kitty, as insurance apps for pets boom
Mike Butcher

Technology turned out to be a boon for pets during the pandemic. Without ready access to vets, pet owners turned to mobile apps to keep track of their pet’s health, often via educational content, and in some cases that was linked to insurance providers. The behavior has lit up the VC world as startups roll […]

Newly launched pet health startup Gallant wants you to bank your dog’s stem cells for $990
Jonathan Shieber

With $11 million in funding and a mission to open up the doors of regenerative therapies to dogs across the nation, the Los Angeles-based startup Gallant is now opening its doors for the first time. The company was founded by DogVacay founder and chief executive Aaron Hirschhorn after seeing his own pet’s struggle with debilitating […]

GoPro releases a flashlight for some reason
Matt Burns

Today GoPro entered the cutthroat business of personal lighting. This is the GoPro Zeus Mini; it looks like a rad little light, though it’s a curious product from an action camera company. The waterproof Zeus Mini costs $69.99 and ships with a magnetic spring clip. GoPro says the light is also compatible with all of […]

Merry Christmas!

We would like to wish all our followers who celebrate Christmas a very Merry Christmas! I Talk You Talk Press – Easy English Reading

Animals and Cats: Get ready to ruuuuumble! - FML

Today, i walked in on my grandmother's cats fighting, and my brothers gambling on it. FML

I guess you can (officially) use your fancy Canon camera as a webcam studio now
Haje Jan Kamps

When the pandemic slammed into our shores a couple of years ago, many of us were shoo-ed inside, doomed to endless Zoom meetings. At the time, Canon released a beta of its EOS Webcam Utility, and then seemed to pretty much forget about it. Until today. In a ‘geez, Canon, this would have been helpful […] I guess you can (officially) use your fancy Canon camera as a webcam studio now by Haje Jan Kamps originally published on TechCrunch