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Disney’s cringe-worthy Baby Yoda merch goes on sale
Josh Constine

Who could have guessed an adorable, big-eyed baby Star Wars alien would have generated a ton of demand for toys? Apparently not Disney, which today started to sell merchandise based on The Child from new Disney+ show The Mandalorian, commonly known as “Baby Yoda”. The shirts, bags, mugs, and phone cases all feel…forced, like Disney […]

Interior design startup Havenly raises $32 million
Lucas Matney

Interior design platform Havenly is raising $32 million in new funding to create its first private label brand as the startup aims to integrate its own products into its design recommendation engine. The Denver-based startup is an online interior design consultancy of sorts that pairs with expert designers users looking to redesign their homes or […]

Gift Guide: 10 great cameras for when a smartphone lens just isn’t enough
Taylor Hatmaker

As we wade into the second pandemic-era holiday season, there's no better time to throw yourself headlong into a new hobby. Or that's what you should tell your loved ones when you gift them one of the cameras on our list of photography gift ideas this year.

Gift guide: Photography accessories for the shutterbug in your life
Devin Coldewey

Looking for some gift ideas for the photographer in your life? Look no further. Though shooters amateur and professional tend to take care of their own needs pretty well, there are plenty of things you can given them that they’ll appreciate. But you might have to be ready to spend a bit — people don’t […]

Spotify’s Wrapped 2021 arrives with artist video messages, Blend, and even a game
Sarah Perez

Spotify’s anticipated year-end retrospective, Spotify Wrapped, is rolling out today to consumers, artists and podcast creators. The experience offers Spotify users a look back at their year on Spotify, highlighting listening trends across both music and podcasts. Artists and creators, meanwhile, can check in on all the ways their fans listened. This year, Wrapped has […]

Facebook has paused election reminders in Europe after data watchdog raises transparency concerns
Natasha Lomas

Big tech’s lead privacy regulator in Europe has intervened to flag transparency concerns about a Facebook election reminder feature — asking the tech giant to provide it with information about what data it collects from users who interact with the notification and how their personal data is used, including whether it’s used for targeting them […]

Sony’s new A7R IV camera is a 61 MP full-frame mirrorless beast
Darrell Etherington

Sony unveiled the latest in its line of interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras on Tuesday, debuting the A7R IV, its top-of-the-line full-frame digital shooter aimed at pros. The new camera packs a walloping 61-megapixel sensor, and will retail for $3,500 when it goes on sale this September. The camera’s image resolution is a “world first” for […]

Unpacking music streaming economics through the lens of Deezer’s SPAC
Alex Wilhelm

The Exchange procured Deezer's release and investor presentation. Let's parse the data and see what the economics of a smaller music streaming business look like today. 

Digital comics startup Madefire is shutting down
Anthony Ha

R.I.P. Madefire, a startup that recruited high-profile artists to reinvent comics for new formats and platforms. An announcement on the Madefire website states the company entered into “an assignment of benefit for creditors” (explained as “a state-level insolvency proceeding similar to bankruptcy”) earlier this month, which was then reported this morning in The Beat. As […]

Marriage and Pranks: When pranking goes too far - FML

Today, my husband has both arms broken, and I have to help him in the bathroom. Not the problem. My girlfriends and I have been pranking each other lately and it's been fun, but they decided to slip my husband slip him some laxatives so that I would have to clean him him. FML

TikTok takes down election misinformation aimed at younger users
Sarah Perez

TikTok confirmed today it has taken down videos spreading election misinformation that had been posted to two high-profile Republican-supporting accounts, The Republican Hype House and The Republican Boys. The accounts, popular with young, conservative voters, reach more than a million followers combined, and have the potential to reach even more users who would find their […]

YouTube Music is launching three new personalized playlists
Sarah Perez

YouTube Music is preparing to better challenge Spotify and others with the launch of three new personalized playlists — Discover Mix, New Release Mix and Your Mix — said YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan in an onstage interview this morning at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2019. Discover Mix, YouTube Music’s version of Spotify’s Discover Weekly, […]

Netflix to release 41 original Indian shows and movies this year
Manish Singh

Netflix said on Wednesday it will roll out 41 Indian films and shows this year, its biggest annual roster of Indian content to date, as the American giant makes further push to win subscribers in the world’s second largest internet market. The streaming giant, which committed to spending about $420 million on locally produced Indian […]


Do you know the adjective “hilarious“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning? Emma: What did you think of the new movie? Claire: I thought it was hilarious. I haven’t seen such a funny movie for a long time. Does it mean: a) odd b) annoying c) strange d) amusing The answer is … Continue reading Hilarious

Drunk, Weird, Noise, Party and Cops: Nice try - FML

Today, I got drunk until morning at a college friend's apartment with bunch of strangers. Some officials came in due to the noise and I tried to scare them away by pretending to sing a latin song of worship I made up, thinking they'd respect the gathering if it was a religious one. FML

Family, Pranks and Dad jokes: Don't be a dingdong - FML

Today, my daughter's boyfriend came to the house to pick her up. As a responsible father, I had an evil plan to torture the boy who dares date my girl, but my wife preempted my plan so during his short visit, she stood behind me the whole time with her taser down my buttcrack in case I acted up. FML

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro camera upgrades sharpen focus on serious photographers
Devin Coldewey

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro heaps improvements on the already-formidable power of its camera system, adding features that will be prized by “serious” photographers — that is to say, the type who like to really mess around with their shots after the fact. Of course the upgrades will also be noticeable for us “fire and forget” […]

Work, Relatable and Awkward: Tits McGee - FML

Today, thanks to autocorrect on our new company laptops, I sent an email to all staff but when I signed my name, it autocorrected my surname to Nipple. FML

Facetune maker Lightricks brings its popular selfie retouching features to video
Sarah Perez

Lightricks, the startup behind a suite of photo and video editing apps — including most notably, selfie editor Facetune 2 — is taking its retouching capabilities to video. Today, the company is launching Facetune Video, a selfie video editing app, that allows users to retouch and edit their selfie and portrait videos using a set […]

How ‘The Mandalorian’ and ILM invisibly reinvented film and TV production
Devin Coldewey

“The Mandalorian” was a pretty good show. On that most people seem to agree. But while a successful live-action Star Wars TV series is important in its own right, the way this particular show was made represents a far greater change, perhaps the most important since the green screen. The cutting edge tech (literally) behind […]

Work, Relatable and Awkward: Alexa, play "Don't Give Up" by Peter Gabriel - FML

Today, I've come to terms that I'm only living to work. I'm going to be 25, no friends, never had any experience with women. Been trying all year to meet someone, hasn't worked out at all. Dead end job, school did nothing for me. I literally just exist to work, and have no happy memories at all. I give up. FML

Friends, Relatable and Awkward: Mr Popular - FML

Today, I threw a goodbye party because I'm going to live to Chile soon. Nobody came. FML

Love, Relatable and Awkward: Harsh - FML

Today, while talking to the girl I have a crush on, I bragged how people tell me I have a voice for radio. She responded, "And the face for it too." FML

Social audio startup Stationhead looks beyond music as it hits 100K monthly active users
Anthony Ha

When I’ve written about Stationhead in the past, I’ve focused on how the startup aims to recapture bring personality and interactivity of a live radio broadcast to streaming music. But CEO Ryan Star said his ambitions are broader now: “We’re going to be the largest social audio platform in the world.” The startup says it’s growing […]

Ricoh’s Theta Z1 is the first truly premium consumer 360 camera
Darrell Etherington

Ricoh has a well-earned good reputation when it comes to building smart, technically excellent photographic equipment – including the almost legendary Ricoh GR series of pocketable APS-C cameras, which are a favorite among street photographers everywhere. Earlier this year, the company released the Ricoh Theta Z1, which builds on its success with its pioneering Theta […]

Weather the ……

Can you complete this English expression? It means “get through a tough situation”. Weather the……. a) wind b) typhoon c) hurricane d) storm The answer is below!↓ Answer: d) storm Weather the storm! By I Talk You Talk Press – Easy English Reading.

Facebook and Instagram notifications warn U.S. users there’s no winner yet in Presidential Election
Sarah Perez

Facebook and Instagram are running notifications in their respective apps informing U.S. users that the winner of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election has not yet been determined. In large pop-ups appearing at the top of the Facebook and Instagram News Feeds, the notification states that “Votes Are Being Counted” and directs users to other in-app […]

Clothes, Relatable, Awkward and ACAB: Summer's here and the time is right… - FML

Today, I was on my way to work and wearing a tank top when I suddenly walked through 10 feet of sprinklers and got completely soaked. A cop flagged me down in front of a bunch of people, because apparently I matched the description of a "suspect". He stared at my boobs the entire time. FML

Work, Pranks and Awkward: Good one, guys, thanks - FML

Today, I was fixing something for a guy at a steel manufacturing company. His employees told me that their boss can't hear properly, so I'd have to be loud when talking to him. When I'd finished, he asked me if I normally talked like that, or if there was something wrong with me. FML


ドワーフの名前を言い当てないと、赤ん坊を取られてしまう -- 「名前を知れば相手を支配できる」という、世界中に見られる名前の神秘性をモチーフとした物語。