#Oral & Dental Care

Willo is a robot that wants to replace your toothbrush
Romain Dillet

If you think about it, the basic concept of a toothbrush hasn’t evolved since… forever. Sure, many people have switched to an electric toothbrush, but it remains a stick with a brush at the end. Willo thinks that’s not good enough. The company has developed an oral care device to improve brushing with a focus […]

Uniform Teeth raises $10 million for its teeth-straightening operations
Megan Rose Dickey

Uniform Teeth, the teeth straightening startup that helped me figure out I needed a root canal, has just raised a $10 million round of funding led by Canaan Ventures. This brings Uniform Teeth’s total funding to $14 million. With the new funding, Uniform Teeth plans to open up two more locations, one in Seattle and […]

SmileDirectClub’s former CEO is back with a new dental startup called Tend
Connie Loizos

A growing number of newer dental brands has been attracting money from venture investors who are still kicking themselves for missing runaway hits. Most notable among these breakout companies is newly public SmileDirectClub, which sells teeth-straightening products directly to consumers and is beloved by analysts, even though its shares have slipped since its September IPO. […]

By the skin of (one’s) teeth

Do you know the English expression “by the skin of (one’s) teeth“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning? Russell: How did you get on in your English exam? Toshi: I passed by the skin of my teeth. I was lucky! Does it mean: a) by a narrow margin b) by a wide … Continue reading By the skin of (one’s) teeth

SmileDirectClub files to go public amidst concerns from dental associations
Megan Rose Dickey

SmileDirectClub, the at-home teeth-straightening service, is on its way to becoming a public company. SmileDirectClub is seeking to raise up to $100 million in its IPO, according to its S-1 filed today. The number of shares and price range for the offering have yet to be determined. Prior to this, SmileDirectClub reached a $3.2 billion […]

Using AI to improve dentistry, VideaHealth gets a $5.4 million polish
Jonathan Shieber

Florian Hillen, the chief executive officer of a new startup called VideaHealth, first started researching the problems with dentistry about three years ago. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard-educated researcher had been doing research in machine learning and image recognition for years and wanted to apply that research in a field that desperately needed […]

Quip wants to help you floss
Megan Rose Dickey

Quip, the dental care startup that first went to market with electric toothbrushes, has launched its first product outside of brushes: a floss applicator with a refillable canister. The floss costs $20 for the metallic applicator and refills cost $5. Each string is pre-marked every 18 inches to help guide people to use that amount for […]

SmileDirectClub makes its debut on the public market
Megan Rose Dickey

SmileDirectClub rang the opening bell earlier today, marking its first day of trading as a public company. The teeth-straightening company is now trading on the Nasdaq under the symbol “SDC.” Already, the stock is trading down 11% at $20.36 per share. SmileDirectClub kicked off its IPO hoping to raise up to $1.3 billion at an […]

Investors continue to pour money into dental startups
Megan Rose Dickey

Teeth straightening startup Candid has raised another $63.4 million in a Series B round from Greycroft, Bessemer, e.ventures and others. The new injection of cash brings its total funding to $90 million. Candid, which 3D prints its FDA-approved aligners, is designed for people who need mild to moderate orthodontic work. The modeling kit costs $95, […]