End Game, the startup behind Zombs Royale, raises $3M
Anthony Ha

End Game Interactive CEO Yang C. Liu has a refreshingly straightforward description of what he and his co-founder Luke Zbihlyj are up to: “We’re just building games. And to be honest, we don’t know what we’re doing.” Despite this self-proclaimed ignorance, End Game has just raised $3 million in seed funding from an impressive group […]

Surprise - FML

Today, I was shaving my vagina in the shower when my brother opened the door unexpectedly. It scared me and well, I cut my vagina. FML

Public markets fall yet again as venture deal counts appear to slip
Alex Wilhelm

Let's take a look at how elevated stock prices remain and what that means for tech multiples, and then look at the January and February VC markets in U.S., China and Europe.

Relativity Space expands its rocket printing operations into an enormous new Long Beach HQ
Devin Coldewey

Building a rocket is a big operation, even when you’re printing them from the ground up, like Relativity Space . The launch startup is graduating from its initial office, which is a bit cramped for assembling rockets, to a huge space in Long Beach where the company will go from prototype to first flight. We […]

Coronavirus corrections and the rise of remote work
Alex Wilhelm

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. What a week. What an insane, heart-stopping, odd, and stuffed week. I’m utterly exhausted. But, in better news, all of that great fodder for podcast and chat, so today’s Equity is pretty ok if I may say so. […]

Women problem - FML

Today, I got my period. I also cough a lot...Only woman can undrestand my problem. FML

Indian research firm Convergence Catalyst is ready for its second act
Manish Singh

A 9-year-old is smashing the shuttle far and wide, and frantically pacing back and forth on the court in Bangalore, India, as her competition refuses to back down. Her rival is not a human. She is playing against a machine that is mimicking the game of badminton legend P.V. Sindhu, toned down a few notches […]

It's still her - FML

Today, after a bad break up, a cute girl contacted me through social media. After hooking up I find out it's my ex girlfriend. FML

Not a girl, not yet a woman - FML

Today, I got a very accusing phone call from my daughters teacher. According to my daughter, I absolutely refuse to let her eat in the morning. In reality, I told her it’s her responsibility to get herself up and get breakfast on her own before we leave. My daughter is 17yrs old. FML

SeeHow helps cricketers train smarter
Henry Pickavet

Like baseball, cricket relies on grass, dirt, wood, cork, spit, spin, drop and rise en route to either victory or loss. And like baseball — and just about any other sport, really — cricket coaching staffs and their players worldwide are looking for more ways to track every move. Tracking statistics is nothing new. With […]

[Short Story] The Mirror

Sally wants to buy a house.  She saves very hard and after 3 years, she has enough money to buy a very small house.  She is very excited. But now Sally has a big problem. She has a house but it is empty. She needs furniture but she has very little money. Her mother gives … Continue reading [Short Story] The Mirror

Stem is offering cash advances to help musicians stay independent
Anthony Ha

Stem, a startup that helps independent musicians get paid, is expanding with a new financing program called Scale. Co-founder and CEO Milana Rabkin Lewis described the company’s core offering as a way for collaborators to “memorialize the split” of the proceeds from a song — once they’ve uploaded a track, Scale can automatically handle splitting […]

SaaS earnings bump Dropbox, Box and Sprout Social
Alex Wilhelm

A quick hit as we have a podcast to record, but a few public companies in the broader SaaS market reported earnings in the past week. Their results are worth unpacking as they paint a good picture of what the markets are hunting for in modern software companies. Of course, we’re covering the firms’ share-price […]

Andreessen Horowitz has backed Run The World, a startup with a timely offering: live online events
Connie Loizos

Every day, there’s another event-related cancellation owing to concern around coronavirus. Just today Microsoft announced it will not have a presence at the Game Developers Conference in mid-March “out of an abundance of caution.” Facebook also said today that it is canceling its annual F8 conference scheduled for May over coronavirus-outbreak concerns. The last is […]

Improving the logistics of trucking, San Diego’s Flock Freight raises $50 million
Jonathan Shieber

“We want to change the way freight moves,” says Oren Zaslansky, the chief executive and founder of Flock Freight . His company, which has been operating in stealth mode for the last two years, has finally emerged with a new solution for freight shipping that purports to bring in more money to shippers, remove inefficiencies […]

Tinder’s video series ‘Swipe Night’ gets a second season
Sarah Perez

Following a successful debut for Tinder’s first foray into original content, the company is giving its interactive video series “Swipe Night” another run. The company confirmed today it’s renewing “Swipe Night” for a second season that will launch this summer, again as an in-app experience within Tinder’s dating app. Variety first reported the news of […]

Completely wet - FML

Today, I was drinking too much and I have to pee constantly, so I went to bed without my girlfriend. Hours later she woke me up wanting sex, but she realized that I pissed the bed. FML

Quick notes on the DoorDash IPO filing
Alex Wilhelm

Earlier today, during an eye-popping market selloff, DoorDash announced that it has privately filed to go public. The decision to file privately will allow the high-valued startup to get its S-1 documents in good order with the SEC before showing the rest of us what it has up its sleeve. The move to announce its private […]

James Currier, Sarah Nahm, Arun Mathew and Vlad Magdalin to speak at Early Stage SF
Jordan Crook

Early Stage SF goes down on April 28 and we are more excited than ever to introduce this brand new event to the community. The day-long event is meant to give early stage founders the chance to pick their own adventure, hearing from a wide variety of experts in fundraising, marketing and operations in a […]

Daily Crunch: DoorDash files to go public
Anthony Ha

DoorDash prepares to go public, Roblox raises $150 million and Reddit’s CEO takes aim at TikTok. Here’s your Daily Crunch for February 27, 2020. 1. DoorDash, the $13B on-demand food delivery startup, says it has confidentially filed for an IPO The company said that its Form S-1 (a draft registration statement) was filed with the […]

Newlab and The Boston Globe team up to launch AI tools startup Applied XLabs
Anthony Ha

Applied XLabs is a new startup building tools that can automate data-gathering for journalists — and eventually, for knowledge workers in other industries. The company is emerging from Brooklyn-based Newlab, with The Boston Globe as its launch partner. It will be led by Francesco Marconi (pictured above), who was previously R&D chief at The Wall […]

Not really a good idea - FML

Today, I decide to let my boyfriend introduce food into our sex life, then a few days after we used melted chocolate I got a UTI. I’ve never had a UTI before in my life so I’m blaming him for the fact it feels like I’m peeing needles dipped in acid. FML

Facebook has paused election reminders in Europe after data watchdog raises transparency concerns
Natasha Lomas

Big tech’s lead privacy regulator in Europe has intervened to flag transparency concerns about a Facebook election reminder feature — asking the tech giant to provide it with information about what data it collects from users who interact with the notification and how their personal data is used, including whether it’s used for targeting them […]

London-based Gyana raises $3.9M for a no-code approach to data science
Ingrid Lunden

Coding and other computer science expertise remain some of the more important skills that a person can have in the working world today, but in the last few years, we have also seen a big rise in a new generation of tools providing an alternative way of reaping the fruits of technology: “no-code” software, which […]

The books I read in 2019

Here are all my extracted answers from our monthly Basecamp check-in question of What are you reading? for 2019. (See also my answers from 2016, 2017, and 2018). The Sane SocietyAnother Fromm tome! This one starts from the premise of evaluating the different social characters of various societies. But not from the abstract, pretend objectiveness of “everything is equal;… keep reading

The Raspberry Pi 4 gets more RAM for $35
Romain Dillet

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has updated its flagship model, the Raspberry Pi 4. It’s still the same awesome tiny single-board computer with a lot of connectors. But the entry level now comes with 2GB of RAM instead of 1GB of RAM for the same price of $35. The foundation says that RAM prices have been […]

DoorDash, the $13B on-demand food delivery startup, says it has confidentially filed for an IPO
Ingrid Lunden

The on-demand food delivery wars continue to heat up in the U.S. DoorDash announced today that it has filed confidentially to go public. The company noted that its Form S-1, a draft registration statement, was filed with the SEC and is now being reviewed. It did not say how many shares it would potentially sell, […]

The coronavirus begins to impact US tech earnings
Alex Wilhelm

The impact of the coronavirus known as COVID-19 is starting to show up in U.S.-based technology earnings, and it's something we need to discuss.

We did fail - FML

Today, on our way to home from work, I farted so bad in the car that my husband gagged and almost threw up swerving the car we almost had a car accident. FML

Cioplenu, the SaaS for ‘deskless’ workers on the production floor, raises €4.2M seed
Steve O'Hear

Cioplenu, an Augsburg-based startup that is building what it dubs an “operating system” for the production floor, has raised €4.2M in seed financing. Leading the round is Berlin-based Cherry Ventures. Also participating is Munich’s 42Cap, which led Cioplenu’s pre-seed round in 2018, along with three fairly high-profile angels. They are Fabian Heinrich, co-founder of Scoutbee […]