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Intimacy, Divorce and Texting: Judgement day - FML

Today, I found texts between my wife and her boyfriend making fun of me. They would sext right before my wife would be with me so she could think of him. She brags about how she picks random fights with me, stalks me, withholds sex, and calls our son names as well. I cannot wait to present these screenshots during our divorce hearing. FML

Love to ……

Can you complete this English expression? It means “to love very much”. Love to …… a) over b) full c) great d) pieces The answer is below!↓ Answer: d) pieces Love to pieces! Example: “I love my niece and nephew to pieces.” By I Talk You Talk Press – Easy English Reading

Health, Dogs and Painful: Slicing up eyeballs - FML

Today, I got up at 2 a.m. to pee. Searing pain stabbed my eye as soon as I opened it. I spent the next 30 min in agony, tears, and snot pouring down my face, trying to find the eyelash in my dry eye. Instead, I pulled a 2-inch long, invisible white, crinkly hair from my dog's undercoat out of my eye. SO. MUCH. PAIN. FML

Kids and Exams: SAT down - FML

Today, my daughter was unable to take the SAT. They wouldn’t let her in, because, “no one told her she would need two forms of ID.” To be fair, she would have gotten a terrible score anyway, if she’s really that dumb. FML

Kids, Embarrassing, Clothes, Pranks and Awkward: Kids will be kids - FML

Today, at my little cousin’s birthday party, some spoilt child played a prank and placed chocolate cake on my seat just as I was about to sit. Let’s just say of all the days, today was a bad day to wear cream trousers and park the car quite a way away from the venue. FML

4 questions to ask before building a computer vision model
Ram Iyer

Before founders begin building AI systems, they should think carefully about their risk appetite, data management practices and strategies for future-proofing their AI stack.

Work and Relatable: Man is a cog in the vast economic machine - FML

Today, I put my notice in at work after being one of the top performers in my department. They didn’t even acknowledge my notice, they just sent me boxes to return my computer. FML

Snapchat rolls out new ‘Shared Stories’ feature to make it easier to share memories
Aisha Malik

Snapchat is rolling out a new “Shared Stories” feature that is designed to make it easier for users on the app to collaborate and share memories. The feature is a new iteration of the app’s “Custom Stories” feature, which allow users to create a story and add friends to view and contribute to it. With […]

What’s the TAM for paid newsletters?
Alex Wilhelm

While Substack was correct that it had identified a niche worth exploiting, it may not be a market slice that is amenable to venture-speed revenue expansion.

A ping-pong match between bulls and bears
Natasha Mascarenhas

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. Happily we were once again at full strength this week, with Alex Wilhelm, Natasha Mascarenhas and Mary Ann Azevedo chatting, and Grace handling production. You can tell from the topic list today that we are in […]

Friends, Neighbours and Sadness: Like the deserts miss the rain - FML

Today, it's been a few days since our neighbour died. For the last 30 years, he and my husband have hated each other and disagreed on everything, no matter the subject, they would be on opposite sides of it. My husband is crying because they were best friends and he misses him. They loved to hate each other I suppose. FML

Love, Relationships, Weird, Awkward and Anger issues: Slight anger issues - FML

Today, my husband broke the vase and smashed the chandelier in the hallway, all because I asked him who he was on the phone with. His exact words were, “Do you ever just mind your fucking business? Goddamn!” Oh, and he told me I have to buy a new vase and replace the chandelier. FML

Health, Mental health, Insomnia, Sleep and Podcasts: Protip - FML

Today, after medication, relaxation, sleep hygiene, and various other remedies for my insomnia failed, I've resorted to listening to an alien conspiracy podcast to fall asleep. The content is so insane and his voice is so monotone, I swear my brain shuts down in protest. FML

Indian fintech Jar eyes $50 million investment
Manish Singh

Indian fintech Jar, which closed a $32 million financing round in February this year, is in talks to raise new funding as it looks to scale its product and expand its offerings. The Bengaluru-headquartered startup is engaging with several investors to raise about $50 million at a $350 million valuation, according to four people familiar […]

Work, Family and Painful: Close-knit family unit - FML

Today, I woke up to my sister with her hand wrapped gently around my balls, saying, “Don’t lie or I’ll squeeze.” She wanted to know if I’d eaten her strawberries. I said no. She'd looked my bin and saw the empty packet. She looked back at me and squeezed. The pain made me late for work. FML

Health and Sex: Silver linings - FML

Today, during sex with my new boyfriend, he gave me such an intense oral sex orgasm, I clenched my jaw and broke one of my back teeth. FML

Love, Work, Relationships, Weird and Awkward: What the hell? - FML

Today, I got to hear from my coworkers that my marriage to my partner won’t last long because I found and married him in tech school. FML

As ….. usual

Can you complete this English expression? It means “in the usual manner”. As ……. usual a) right b) out c) per d) once The answer is below!↓ Answer: c) per As per usual! Example: “Ella was late, as per usual.” By I Talk You Talk Press – Easy English Reading

Money, Health and Capitalism: Healthcare for all, now - FML

Today, I had a procedure that should have been covered by my health insurance, but while I was there, I asked the doc to sign a prescription for an unrelated thing. This apparently turned the insured procedure into a consultation, so they charged me full price for the procedure, over $15,000. FML

Love, Relatable, Airplanes, Argument and Disney: The happiest place on Earth - FML

Today, we were supposed to go to Disneyland but we got in a blazing argument. Then this morning I woke up to my alarm clock disabled, he was gone, my ticket was in the kitchen shredded, and when I rang him the bastard was in the first class lounge, waiting to get on the plane without me. FML

Love, Health and Cheating: Kinda sussy - FML

Today, my husband returned from a 6-week business trip. During that time, I put myself on a very strict diet/exercise regimen so I could surprise him with a hefty weight loss. He took one look at me and demanded to know who I was fucking on the side. Yeah, because that’s the only reason I lost weight. FML

Does WeWork’s Adam Neumann really deserve his second chance?
Lucas Matney

Plenty of entrepreneurs have used the crypto boom to plot the next step of their Silicon Valley character arcs, but few of them have an active television series chronicling their misdeeds. This week, Adam Neumann made his post-WeWork debut, co-founding a blockchain-based carbon credits market, and — more impressively — raising $70 million in funding […]

Instagram is currently down for some users
Aisha Malik

If you’re having problems accessing Instagram today, you’re not alone. The social media giant is currently experiencing some problems, according to reports on third-party web monitoring service Downdetector. The website indicates that issues began at around 12:30 p.m. EDT. NetBlocks, which tracks global internet usage and disruptions, has also noted that Instagram is facing intermittent […]

To fully embrace product-led growth, build a strong product ops team
Ram Iyer

Typically part of the product team, product ops sits at the intersection of product, engineering and customer success.

OnlyFans founder makes crypto debut selling influencer trading cards
Anita Ramaswamy

OnlyFans founder Tim Stokley is getting into the web3 game with a new NFT startup, Zoop, launching this summer. On Zoop, people can buy, sell, and trade 3D NFT “playing cards” of their favorite influencers and celebrities. The limited-edition digital cards on Zoop will be officially licensed, according to the company, though it wasn’t clear […]

Work and Money: Trickle-down theory - FML

Today, my mental state went down another 2 levels when after 2 years of unemployment, I finally got offered a great job abroad. However, I probably won't even be able to go because I've reached the point where I'm too broke to even apply to get my passport made. FML

Perhaps faster delivery times were a poor choice from a unit-economics perspective
Alex Wilhelm

Not every q-commerce company will fail. But startups that raised huge sums of money to build super-rapid consumer delivery models are laying off staff, attempting to merge, and otherwise stay alive.

TikTok partners with Hootsuite, Sprinklr, Emplifi and more to make it easier for brands to reach users
Aisha Malik

TikTok is extending its Marketing Partner Program to add new content marketing partners, the company told TechCrunch. The expansion will allow marketers to manage their TikTok accounts without leaving their third-party content marketing platforms. The short-form video app is partnering with Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Sprinklr, Emplifi, Dash Hudson, Khoros, Brandwatch and Later for the initial launch. […]

Kids, Relatable, Awkward, Parents and Mysterious: Mystery text - FML

Today, my son sent me a very frank text telling me my husband is no longer welcome at his house, because, “He knows what he did, if you want to know then ask him.” This isn’t going to be good. FML

Health, Smoking and Students: Please go outside - FML

Today, I just found out I have a roommate who smokes. I can’t change roommates for at least six months. I put on the form that I wanted a non-smoker because of health issues, but someone looked at the form wrong. At the moment they’re full up. FML