レベル1 (0〜500語)

短めの動画と読み物です。レベル0 (セリフなし) に慣れたらチャレンジ!
Just BFF things - FML

Today, my best friend came to visit from out of state. We had lunch, painted our nails and fell asleep sipping wine and watching movies. It was a perfect girl’s day. My boyfriend is now irrationally angry, because according to him it’s not fair that I can have a girl sleep over and he can’t. FML

Pull (someone’s) ……

Can you complete this English expression? It means “to trick, or joke with (someone)”. Pull (someone’s) …….. a) leg b) arm c) nose d) ear The answer is below!↓ Answer: a) leg Pull (someone’s) leg By I Talk You Talk Press – Easy English Reading

Bored - FML

Today, I'm considering working as an escort again, to get some human closeness, have interesting conversations and feel wanted and appreciated. I'm actually in a steady relationship; I guess it’s not a very good one. FML

[Short Story with Audio] Why do you have blue hair?

This is a short story for learners of English from I Talk You Talk Press. You can read and listen at the same time, or you can try shadowing. We hope you enjoy the story! WHY DO YOU HAVE BLUE HAIR? Rei met a nice guy on the train. He was sitting next to her. … Continue reading [Short Story with Audio] Why do you have blue hair?

Today, on "Dr. Phil"… - FML

Today, my dad got upset when one of his employees showed a romantic interest in my mom. Both parents were totally fine, though, with that same employee announcing his engagement to my 15-year-old sister. FML

Hormonal hell - FML

Today, someone drank a sip of my single serve pasteurized orange juice and put it back in the fridge, ignoring the whole jug of non-pasteurized juice, that I cant drink because im pregnant. I cried. FML

The story behind Rent the Runway’s first check
Natasha Mascarenhas

When Rent the Runway co-founders Jennifer Fleiss and Jennifer Hyman got their first term sheet, it had an exploding clause in it: If they didn’t sign the offer in 24 hours, they would lose the deal. The co-founders, then students at Harvard Business School, were ready to commit, but their lawyer advised them to pause […]

Go public now while software valuations make no sense
Alex Wilhelm

Software valuations are bonkers, which means it’s a great time to go public. Asana, Monday.com, Wrike and every other gosh darn software company that is putting it off, pay attention. Heck, even service-y Palantir could excel in this market. Let me explain. Over the past few weeks, TechCrunch has tracked the filing, first pricing, rejiggered […]

Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to - FML

Today, during a deep conversation with my girlfriend of 6 months, I asked her if the guy she had cheated on me once with a few months back had a bigger “tool” than me. She said yes. So I asked, "How much bigger are we talking about?" Her response was "Probably like twice the size." FML

Funding in an uncertain market: using venture debt to bridge the gap
Walter Thompson

Now more than ever, companies should examine all sources of capital and ensure they are sufficiently funded to emerge from this period stronger than they entered it.

Just 72 hours left to save up to $300 on Disrupt 2020 passes
Alexandra Ames

It takes a village — or in this case a kickass global startup community — to help you survive and thrive in challenging times. Tap into your village at Disrupt 2020, but do it quickly to gain entry at the lowest possible price. You have just three days left before the price goes up. Buy […]

Hear Cloudflare and PlanGrid’s amazing journey from founding to exit at Disrupt 2020
Mike Butcher

How and when should startup founders think about the “exit”? It’s the perennial question in tech entrepreneurialism, but the hows and whens are questions to which there are a multitude of answers. For one thing, new founders often forget that the terms of the exit may not eventually be entirely in their control. There’s the […]

Food for thought - FML

Today, I warned my husband not to eat the seafood he'd left on the counter. He insisted it was fine. He’s now been in the bathroom shitting, puking and wailing for three hours. Our place is tiny and the bathroom is attached to our bedroom. The door doesn’t keep out the noise or the rancid smell. FML

As e-commerce accelerates, fintech startups raised record $100M rounds in Q2
Alex Wilhelm

Reading headlines here and there, one might assume that venture capital interest in fintech startups is setting records every quarter. After all: didn’t Robinhood raise $280 million and $320 million more this year? Stripe raised $600 million just a few minutes ago, and wasn’t it Monzo that raised £60 million a few weeks back? Oh, […]

Q3 2020 is primed to be an intense shopping season for VCs
Walter Thompson

Founders are in a great position to fundraise right now. VCs are ready to deploy capital and are activity searching for businesses to invest in. Time to make the most of it.

Stix, offering D2C pregnancy and ovulation tests, raises $1.3 million in seed funding
Jordan Crook

Stix, a direct-to-consumer women’s health brand, today announced the close of a $1.3 million seed round. Investors such as BDMI, Rogue Women’s Fund, Vamos Ventures, Founders Factory New York, as well as angels like Heidi Zak (ThirdLove) Laurence Franklin (Coach) and Steve Gutentag and Demetri Karagas (30 Madison) participated in the round. There is no […]

Kubermatic launches open source service hub to enable complex service management
Ron Miller

As Kubernetes and cloud native technologies proliferate, developers and IT have found a growing set of technical challenges they need to address, and new concepts and projects have popped up to deal with them. For instance, operators provide a way to package, deploy and manage your cloud native application in an automated way. Kubermatic wants […]

Where did everyone go? - FML

Today, I wrote a Facebook post venting about the horrible things I've been going through lately, hoping my friends would console me. I discovered that my English teacher from 30 years ago, the creepy dude who keeps asking me out, and some random chick I don't even know are my only "friends." FML

Springboard raises $31 million to expand its mentor-guided education platform to more geographies
Manish Singh

Springboard, an online education platform that provides upskilling and reskilling training courses to people looking to learn in-demand roles, has raised $31 million in a new financing round as it looks to expand to more geographies. The Series B financing round for the San Francisco-headquartered startup was led by investment firm Telstra Ventures . Vulcan […]

ChargePoint raises $127M as electric vehicle adoption grows among fleet operators
Kirsten Korosec

Electric vehicle charging network ChargePoint raised $127 million in funding in a bid to expand its platform for businesses and fleets in North America and Europe. A mix of existing investors from the oil and gas, utilities and venture industries added to the round, including American Electric Power, Chevron Technology Ventures, Clearvision and Quantum Energy Partners. […]

Censys, a search engine for internet devices, raises $15.5M Series A
Zack Whittaker

Internet device search engine Censys is one of the biggest search engines you’ve probably never heard of. If Google is the search engine for finding information sitting on the web, Censys is the search engine for finding internet devices, like computers, servers, and smart devices, that hosts the data to begin with. By continually mapping […]

In all my days… - FML

Today, I had somewhat of a nervous breakdown, and poured my heart out to a doctor, who seemed to be well over 60. She looked at me, flabbergasted and said, "I never met anyone with that many problems!" Gee, thanks. FML

It’s not ………. !

Can you complete this English expression? It means “it’s not complicated”. It’s not ……… ! a) chemistry b) physics c) astronomy d) rocket science The answer is below!↓ Answer: d) rocket science It’s not rocket science! By I Talk You Talk Press – Easy English Reading

Noisy lover - FML

Today, the new heart medication I take makes it hard for me to get an erection. It also gives me gas. My wife is getting sick of me farting when we're finally able to screw. FML

Empathy Man - FML

Today, I told my man I was feeling a lack of emotional closeness and dialogue in our relationship. I'd hoped for a comeback like, "So what do you need in order to change that?" Or even, "Aw, come here, let's cuddle!" Instead, I got a simple, "I don't." FML

Love don't pay the rent - FML

Today, I begged my dad for money, for the first time ever, because even with two jobs I still can’t make rent. When asked why he sent way too little, he replied, "You always said you’d prefer to get love from me rather than money." FML

Software stocks set new records despite earnings, pandemic
Alex Wilhelm

You might have missed it, but amidst the current political-M&A-pandemic-election-disinformation news cycle we find ourselves in this week, SaaS and cloud companies reached new public market records. Yesterday, the Bessemer-Nasdaq cloud index closed at 2,035.54, a new record finish for the basket of software companies. And, today, the index broached the 2,040 mark before ceding […]

How's the diet going? - FML

Today, I bought 3 buckets of expensive low-calorie ice cream because it was on sale, only to discover it tastes rather awful. I thought I liked that stuff… Oh, I remember now, I did like it… After mixing it with lots of chocolate spread. FML

More thoughts on growing podcasts
Walter Thompson

Plus: how to monitor and fix Facebook/Instagram ad fatigue, and using mobile app ads to drive landing page conversions.

Decrypted: How a teenager hacked Twitter, Garmin’s ransomware aftermath
Zack Whittaker

A 17-year-old Florida teenager is accused of perpetrating one of the year’s biggest and most high-profile hacks: Twitter. A federal 30-count indictment filed in Tampa said Graham Ivan Clark used a phone spearphishing attack to pivot through multiple layers of Twitter’s security and bypassed its two-factor authentication to gain access to an internal “admin” tool […]