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Arthur announces $3.3M seed to monitor machine learning model performance
Ron Miller

Machine learning is a complex process. You build a model, test it in laboratory conditions, then put it out in the world. After that, how do you monitor how well it’s tracking what you designed it do? Arthur wants to help, and today it emerged from stealth with a new platform to help you monitor […]

Apple: Use only our special cloth to clean the $1,000 coating on our $5,000 Pro Display
Devin Coldewey

If you thought the saga of the $7,000 Apple Pro Display XDR couldn’t get any more ridiculous, prepare yourself for the proverbial cherry on top: The company insists that you only use the single special cleaning cloth that comes with the monitor. If you lose it, you’re advised to order another. Apple, already under fire […]

Hyperproof wants to make it easier to comply with GDPR and other regulations
Ron Miller

As companies try to figure out how to comply with regulations like GDPR, ISO or Sarbanes Oxley, they face a huge challenge just getting started. Hyperproof, a Bellevue, Washington startup, is launching a new product to help companies build a workflow to get them in compliance in a more organized way. Company co-founder and CEO […]

By lilviss

Today, I found maggots in the ketchup on my sausage. Too bad I had already eaten half of it. FML

Price insurance platform Stable protects farmers from price volatility
Kate Clark

From a Southwest England farmer’s son comes a risk management platform, Stable, a solution as simple as car insurance designed to protect farmers around the world from pricing volatility. Using Stable, food buyers ranging from owners of a small smoothie shop to Coca-Cola employees can insure thousands of agricultural commodities, packaging and energy products. Led […]

Clideo promises an easy way to make shoppable videos
Anthony Ha

Clideo says it can help marketers reach consumers in a smarter way, by making videos shoppable via an “interactive overlay.” CEO Michele Mazzaro (who previously worked as an executive at Ki Group and in mergers and acquisitions at KPMG Italy) said these videos are meant to address a larger issue: “Businesses are failing in communicating […]

Larry Page’s secret war on the flu
Arman Tabatabai

Now that Larry Page has stepped down as CEO of Google’s parent company Alphabet, he could be following in Bill Gates’s footsteps and tackling global health challenges.

Hawa Dawa monitors air quality block-by-block to help cities make decisions
Greg Kumparak

If city governments had a block-by-block understanding of their city’s own ever changing air quality, how might it impact the decisions they make? Thats the concept behind Hawa Dawa, the first company pitching today in the TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin Startup Battlefield. Hawa Dawa combines data sources like satellites and dedicated air monitoring stations to build […]

Twitter will now preserve JPEG quality for photo uploads on web
Darrell Etherington

Twitter is changing the way it processes uploaded images, and the new way of doing things will be much-appreciated by any photographers sharing their work on the platform. Twitter engineer Nolan O’Brien shared that the platform will now preserve JPEG encoding when they’re uploaded via Twitter on the web, instead of transcoding them, which results […]

Wefox, the Berlin-based insurtech, raises $110M Series B extension at a $1.65B pre-money valuation
Steve O'Hear

Wefox Group, the Berlin-based insurtech startup behind the consumer-facing insurance app and carrier One and the insurance platform Wefox, is disclosing $110 million in a second tranche of Series B funding. Sources tell TechCrunch that this gives the company a pre-money valuation of $1.65 billion. WeFox Group declined to comment on the financials. The Series […]

By anyagrande

Today, I was brushing my teeth. My mum walked in and exclaimed "oh that is the toothbrush I used to clean the toilet!". Thanks for putting it back in the toothbrush holder, mum. FML

Electric vehicle startup Nio lays off 141 employees at its North American headquarters
Catherine Shu

Electric vehicle startup Nio is laying off 141 people at its North American headquarters. According to a filing from Employment Development Department of California, the employees at its San Jose office received notice on December 6. Nio, whose global headquarters are in Shanghai, announced last month that it is partnering with Intel’s Mobileye to develop […]

Give someone the …….. of the doubt

Can you complete this English phrase? It means “to choose to trust someone, even though you are not sure if they are telling the truth”. Give someone the………..of the doubt a) reason b) truth c) benefit d) difference The answer is below!↓   Answer: c) benefit Give someone the benefit of the doubt!

By jswag2004

Today, I finally got the guts to ask out my crush. She said yes and I was really happy. Then I woke up. FML

By okthen

Today, I finally made a move on the guy I've been crushing on for years...by getting so drunk that I puked in his lap. FML

Daily Crunch: Away’s CEO is stepping down
Anthony Ha

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Away CEO is stepping down in light of reports of toxic culture Steph Korey is stepping down from her role as […]

An iOS bug in AirDrop let anyone temporarily lock-up nearby iPhones
Zack Whittaker

Apple has fixed a bug in iOS 13.3, out today, which let anyone temporarily lock users out of their iPhones and iPads by forcing their devices into an inescapable loop. Kishan Bagaria found a bug in AirDrop, which allows users to share files between iOS devices. He found the bug let him repeatedly send files […]

Is your startup protected against insider threats?
Zack Whittaker

We’ve talked about securing your startup, the need to understand phishing risks and how not to handle a data breach. But we haven’t yet discussed one of the more damaging threats that all businesses large and small face: the insider threat. The insider threat is exactly as it sounds — someone within your organization who has […]

Y Combinator will now run its online Startup School multiple times per year
Greg Kumparak

Back in 2017, Y Combinator began offering a 10-week, once-a-year online course called Startup School. Part forum community and part video classroom, the program offers a variety of lectures on topics like raising money or evaluating startup ideas, as led by YC partners and other entrepreneurs from their network. Three years and 40,000+ students later, […]

Google Assistant gets a customized alarm, based on weather and time
Brian Heater

Alarm clocks were one of the most obvious implementations since the introduction of the smart screen. Devices like Lenovo’s Smart Clock and the Amazon Echo Show 5 have demonstrated some interesting features in the bedside display form factor, and Google has worked with the former to refine the experience. Lenovo Smart Clock review This morning, […]

xs:code launches subscription platform to monetize open source projects
Ron Miller

Open source is a great source of free tools for developers, but as these projects proliferate, and some gain in popularity, the creators sometimes look for ways to monetize successful ones. The problem is that it’s hard to run a subscription-based, dual-license approach and most developers don’t even know where to start. Enter Israeli startup […]

By KonKos

Today, I decided to pay for sex. Turned out the woman I paid was a man, but that is not the worst part. His penis was bigger than mine. FML

Lab Week
Wailin Wong

Get out your Bunsen burner! It’s time to do some experiments. In the latest episode of the Rework podcast, we talk to two businesses that aren’t afraid to try new things. First, the three founders of The Mad Optimist, a soap company in Indiana, talk about letting customers choose what they pay for their products.… keep reading

Unsplash is building an ad business around branded stock photos
Anthony Ha

Unsplash has built up a library of 1 million stock photographs, all available to use for free. Now it’s ready to start making money — and to help its photographers earn additional income in the process. Don’t worry: The company isn’t about to start charging for its photos, which CEO Mikael Cho said risks “stalling […]

VSCO acquires video editing startup Rylo
Kate Clark

Rylo had raised roughly $38 million in VC funding at a $120.25 million valuation.

Waze adds unplowed road reporting feature for better awareness of winter driving hazards
Darrell Etherington

Crowdsourced navigation app and Google subsidiary Waze is adding new features that allow you to report unplowed roads made more dangerous or inaccessible during snowstorms within the app, and also to see reports posted by other people who have already added their own to the map. This Waze update was also developed by the company […]

ProducePay nabs $190 million debt financing to lend to farmers
Jonathan Shieber

Los Angeles-based ProducePay has inked a $190 million debt facility from CoVenture and TCM Capital to expand its lending business and marketplace for farmers. ProducePay offers farmers cash advances throughout the growing season to smooth the sometimes lumpy revenues and give farmers a bit more predictability, the company said. It buys produce ahead of delivery […]

Baby food delivery startup Yumi spoon fed another $8M in strategic funding
Sarah Buhr

Babies have options these days when it comes to what goes in their mouths. No more is it just the standard mush in a jar. Now they’ve got everything from pouches to organic purees delivered right to their parents’ door — and Yumi is one of several startups cashing in. The company has just announced […]

Investors find a spot for $65 million in Passport’s parking management tech
Jonathan Shieber

The big new round of funding for Passport’s ticketing and parking management tech proves that software can even disrupt something as mundane and seemingly low-tech as the parking lot. The startup, which just raised $65 million in new financing from investors, is a permitting, parking and ticketing management service for cities, office parks and campuses. […]