Critical Eats Japan

Critical Eats Japan


Sugeez Drive-In Burgers | Burger Brothers 🍔 S1E5

Pringles Yakisoba Noodles Giveaway!

Back Country Burgers | Burger Brothers 🍔 S1E4

Full Day of Eating at Japanese Convenience Stores! | Konbini Quest

Gusto Teriyaki Juicy Lucy Burger | Burger Brothers 🍔 S1E3

KFC Chips from the UK | with Aaron

KFC Avocado Basil Twister Box | with Aaron

Nap Burger | Burger Brothers 🍔 S2E2

Japanese Hot Taco Doritos & Matsumoto Castle Tour | with Aaron

Double Double Burger | Burger Brothers 🍔 S1E1

The Burger Brothers! 🍔 New Series Announcement!

Snack Project & Giveaway! | Konbini Quest #PayItForwardSnackProject​

Japanese Vending Machine Burgers | with Aaron, Eric, and Asami

Japanese Kit Kat Taste Test & Giveaway! | with Ericsurf6, Aaron, and Asami 🔥

Japanese Flamin' Hot & Jalapeno Cheetos at Matsumoto Castle | with Aaron

The Hot Ones Last Dab & Puckerbutt Hot Sauces! | with Aaron

Japanese Kit Kats: Chestnut | with Laura

Lotteria Spicy Hot Chicken Filet Burger! | スパイシーホットチキンフィレバーガー

Spicy Cheese-in Fried Chicken & Melon Pan Ice Cream | Konbini Quest

Japanese Onsen Manju Kit Kats | with Laura

Protruding Pastrami Teritama Burger from McDonald's Japan | はみ出るパストラミビーフてりたま

Wotsits & Other Snacks From the UK | Thanks Kate & Alex | with Sara & Kenya

Passion Fruit KitKats! | with Laura

Ginger Hot Chicken! from KFC Japan

Mac 'n Cheese & Croquette from Mos Burger

Trying Hot Ones Nugget Honey & Hot Sauces! | Thanks Jason

Nagano Apple KitKats & Fanta | with Laura

Food Court at a Japanese Mall | with Laura

Super Mario 35th Anniversary Snacks from 7-Eleven Japan | Konbini Quest with Sara

McDonald's Japan: Lemon Tartar Chicken Tatsuta | with Aaron