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ITotD on Summer Break

by Joe Kissell / 3ヶ月

My attempts at building a time machine having failed thus far, I find myself with too few hours in the day. So ITotD will be on a (hopefully brief) hiatus while I take care of business.

Take Control of Your Digital Photos

by Joe Kissell / 3ヶ月

Digital cameras make it easy to take way too many pictures. Need help sorting, organizing, storing, and managing them? We've got a great book for you—and Interesting Thing of the Day readers can save 30% on it.

Killer Snails

by Joe Kissell / 3ヶ月

When you think of deadly animals, you may picture lions, hippos, or even mosquitos. But watch out for the real killer: snails.

Cruise Ship Condos

by Joe Kissell / 3ヶ月

If you love to travel and have a few million spare dollars, you can buy a condo on any of several luxury cruise ships and live there year-round, taking your home with you as you sail around the world.

The Sinking City of Venice

by Joe Kissell / 3ヶ月

The water level is rising in Venice, while the buildings are sinking. An ambitious plan is underway to save the ancient city from an untimely demise.

Winds with Names

by Joe Kissell / 3ヶ月

It's one thing to give a storm like a hurricane or typhoon a name, but it's another to assign a proper name to wind of a certain type in a certain season and location.

Solar Sails

by Joe Kissell / 3ヶ月

Outfit a spacecraft with a huge but incredibly lightweight mirror, and it can travel indefinitely, without fuel, at speeds that eventually exceed those of conventional rocket-powered craft.

Take Control of Your Digital Legacy

by Joe Kissell / 3ヶ月

Do you have the equivalent of a will for all your digital possessions—photos, email, online accounts, and all the rest? If not, you should, and we have a book that shows you what to do. Plus, Interesting Thing of the Day readers can save 30% on it.

___-of-the-Month Clubs

by Joe Kissell / 3ヶ月

The Book-of-the-Month Club is still going strong after more than 90 years, despite the rise and fall of mega-bookstores (and the advent of Amazon.com). But that's not all: you can get a monthly subscription to just about anything.

Oil from Garbage

by Joe Kissell / 3ヶ月

As long as we have garbage, we'll never run out of oil, thanks to a technology called thermal depolymerization process (TDP).