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Making the Inevitable Obvious


Why I Don’t Worry About a Super AI

by Kevin Kelly / 約4年

The end result of the quantified self movement mobile phones give up on us

[I originally wrote this in response to Jaron Lanier’s worry post on Edge.] Why I don’t fear super intelligence. It is wise to think through the implications of new technology. I understand the good intentions of Jaron Lanier and others … Continue reading →

Sourced Quotes, 21

by Kevin Kelly / 約4年


Some people call VR “the last medium” because any subsequent medium can be invented inside of VR, using software alone. Looking back, the movie and TV screens we use today will be seen as an intermediate step between the invention … Continue reading →

AI, or Alien Intelligence

by Kevin Kelly / 約4年

Screen Shot 2014 07 14 at 10 05 17 PM

This year, 2014, John Brockman’s annual question was “What Do You Think About Machines That Think?”. My answer is that I think we could call them artificial aliens. I’m reposting my full response here: The most important thing about making … Continue reading →

Sourced Quotes, 20

by Kevin Kelly / 約4年

Screen Shot 2015 01 21 at 11 09 59 AM

Image Change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again. Graeme Wood Social Principal #9, Geek Media, Sept 29, 2009 Even the primeval Stone Age islanders of the Sentinelese, who still persist in 2015 … Continue reading →

How to Use Artificial Intelligence

by Kevin Kelly / 4年以上

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About a year ago I started writing a piece on AI for Wired. I turned it in last spring, and they just published it this month. They also cut it in half. Still, the piece retains my essential points about … Continue reading →

A Desirable-Future Haiku

by cc / 4年以上

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.18.52 PM

The coming hundred years, in one hundred words Recently I sent a twitter request out into the wider internets. I got 23 responses, which I am running (with permission) below. I’ll tell you who I selected as the winner in … Continue reading →

What Bits Want

by Kevin Kelly / 4年以上


[Translations: German] Digital bits have lives. They work for us, but we totally ignore them. What do bits really want? Here are the life stories of four different bits. (A) The first bit—let’s call it Bit A — was born on the … Continue reading →

You Are Not Late

by Kevin Kelly / 4年以上


[Translations: Italian, Japanese, Chinese] Can you imagine how awesome it would have been to be an entrepreneur in 1985 when almost any dot com name you wanted was available? All words; short ones, cool ones. All you had to do was … Continue reading →

Platforms Trump Products

by Kevin Kelly / 5年弱

Screen shot 2014 07 16 at 10 14 46 am1 e1405522383435

[Translations: Japanese] The general trend in the technium is a long-term migration away from selling products to selling services. Jeff Bezos has long said the Kindle is not a product, but a service selling access to reading material. That distinction will … Continue reading →

The Least Resistance to New Ideas

by Kevin Kelly / 5年弱

California Clipper 500

Many years ago the San Francisco Chronicle published a short column in which the writer mentioned that he had been traveling in India, and when he told the clerk at his hotel in New Delhi that he was from the … Continue reading →