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Metalenz PolarEyes upgrades digital sensing with polarized light

by Devin Coldewey / 4 days

Tech sees differently, and can fuse multiple types of data we can’t even perceive: lidar, IR, ultrasonic, and so on. Metalenz, maker of highly compact “2D” cameras for advanced sensing, hopes to bring polarized light into the mix for security and safety with its PolarEyes tech. Polarization isn’t a quality of light that’s often paid […]

Warehouse robotics system Exotec raises $335 million

by Romain Dillet / 7 days

French startup Exotec has raised a $335 million Series D round in a new round of funding led by Goldman Sachs’ Growth Equity business. Following today’s investment, the company has reached a valuation of $2 billion. Exotec sells a complete end-to-end solution to turn a regular warehouse into a partially automated logistics platform. It’s a […]

The M11 is Leica’s new flagship rangefinder

by Devin Coldewey / 11 days

Leica’s a strange one. It only puts out a handful of cameras every year, and most of them are remixes or minor iterations on previous models. Since 2017 its flagship has been the solid but still somewhat archaic M10, but now the company has revealed its successor: the even more solid and also still somewhat […]

This device attaches magnetically to a face mask to monitor the wearer’s vitals

by Brian Heater / 11 days

Perhaps 2022 will be the year consumer health tracking moves beyond the wrist. We’ve seen Oura’s rise over the past few years and a CES that brought with it a couple of ring fitness trackers. Following Google’s addition to vital and sleep tracking on the Nest Home, Sengled is adding the feature to a smart […]

Back Market reaches $5.7B valuation for its refurbished device marketplace

by Romain Dillet / 13 days

French startup Back Market has raised another mega round of funding. In May, the company raised a $335 million Series D round. Today, the company is announcing a $510 million Series E round, which values the company at $5.7 billion. If you’re not familiar with Back Market, the company operates a marketplace of refurbished electronics […]

3 views on CES 2022

by Kirsten Korosec / 13 days

CES is still a fantastic car show — but if you work at a hardware startup, it's time to rethink your media strategy.

Let’s talk CES gadgets

by Brian Heater / 16 days

Long gone are the days when CES actually stood for “Consumer Electronics Show” — the CTA has seen to that in its various small print. I recommend you check out our recent best of CES 2012 story for a look back on the days when things like smartphones took center stage at the event. Mobile […]

Abbott tells CES it’s getting into consumer biowearables

by Natasha Lomas / 17 days

US medical device maker, Abbott, is moving into making general purpose consumer biosensing wearables. The company has been making continuous glucose monitor (CGM) hardware for diabetes management for years (since 2014) — but in a healthtech keynote at CES yesterday, Abbott’s chairman and CEO, Robert B Ford, announced it’s developing a new line of consumer […]

Four weeks as an Ultrahuman ‘Cyborg’

by Natasha Lomas / 18 days

For four weeks during 2021, this TechCrunch reporter took the plunge and tested a “metabolic fitness” service from Bangalore-based startup Ultrahuman. The tracker program, branded Cyborg, uses arm-mounted medical grade hardware to get a real-time read-out of your blood glucose — using that dynamic data-point to power a quantified health service that scores what you […]

Look upon my CES 2022 work from home setup and despair

by Devin Coldewey / 18 days

Working from home has been my normal for more than a decade, but it’s getting a bit stale. Time to spice it up — with some of CES 2022’s hottest items, all of which definitely kind of exist. First off let’s upgrade these dinky twin 27-inch Dells I’ve been attempting to work on for the […]

Morphée triples down on your relaxation with the Zen

by Haje Jan Kamps / 18 days

As a journalist and investor, I’m always a little suspicious of single-product, super-niche companies; there are just so many things that can go wrong, and one of the ways that direct-to-consumer brands do well is having the ability to cross-sell to its customers. Morphée was one of those brands, starting with its frankly ludicrously over-designed […]

This $199 laser pointer points out mosquitos without harming them

by Haje Jan Kamps / 18 days

Mosquitos kill more people than any other creature in the world, and there’s no shortage of potential tech solutions. One such solution comes from Bzigo, which markets a device that finds mosquitos in your home, points at them with a laser and can notify you on your phone when a mozzy is buzzing about. Walking […]

Frzr injects frosty, sub-zero air into your gaming laptop to eke out those extra frames per second

by Haje Jan Kamps / 18 days

Line is a regular staple at CES, showing off its high-end milled-aluminium docking stations. This year, the company is back in Las Vegas with an accessory aimed squarely at the gamers among us. Line Frzr is a therm-electric active cooling device that pre-cools the air before it goes into your gaming laptop. Traditional laptop cooling […]

Your kids can get lost in Disney with these story-telling headphones

by Haje Jan Kamps / 18 days

Some of my favorite childhood memories include being read to, and learning to read myself to get lost in a book. If you’ll forgive me the oldmanyellsatcloud.gif moment: It’s a grievous loss that many children are so comprehensively surrounded by screens that it’s hard to experience this. I was delighted, then, to see Oranoff launch […]

New pet tech at CES treats dogs and cats like the complex beings they are

by Devin Coldewey / 19 days

There’s always fun tech for pet owners at CES, and 2022 is no different. But a handful of gadgets this year are taking care to treat dogs and cats not just as beloved furry friends but as intelligent animals with their own processes, emotions, and even a desire to express themselves. At the most basic […]

Tata’s seat squeals if your successors are sizzling in the seat in the sun

by Haje Jan Kamps / 19 days

Italian startup Filo — better known in Europe for its Tile-like Bluetooth tracking devices — is showing off its shiny new product Tata Pad, a cushion that goes on top of a child seat, and can notify you if you’ve left your pride and joy strapped into the back seat as you saunter into the […]

PWRboard promises to charge all your creator gadgets all at once

by Haje Jan Kamps / 19 days

As a longtime photographer/videographer/audio nerd, charging all the devices at home is often a chaotic nightmare, and if you’re taking your equipment on the road, it gets worse. It doesn’t speak highly of me as a professional, but I’ve found myself without the right charger, a missing battery or a light that turns out to […]

Sony gives first details on next-gen PSVR2 headset for PS5

by Devin Coldewey / 19 days

Sony has announced some basic information about its much-anticipated next-generation VR hardware for the PS5, which it calls — predictably — PSVR2. Very little was revealed about the device but it did confirm some features gamers will care about. The original PSVR was a competent, relatively affordable, easy to use device but fairly limited in […]

LiLz uses computer vision to read gauges and dials where humans prefer not to tread

by Devin Coldewey / 19 days

No one wants to be the maintenance worker who has to hike through half a mile of damp hallways just to check the pressure gauge on a valve somewhere. LiLz makes it possible to keep an eye on such inconvenient physical interfaces remotely with a clever and practical application of machine learning. The Japanese (specifically […]

Skydio debuts updated $1099 self-flying drone with new bells and whistles

by Lucas Matney / 20 days

Skydio’s self-flying drone is getting a host of new software, hardware and services updates to ring in the new year. The Bay Areas-based drone company is revamping their flagship drone with a number of features designed around usability, along with a major software update focused on bringing more control to users without forcing them to […]

GAF Energy’s easy-install solar shingles aim to outshine Tesla roofs and traditional panels

by Devin Coldewey / 20 days

Putting solar panels on the roof is increasingly realistic for the average homeowner, but they tend to be specialized, aftermarket affairs or else whole-roof replacements. GAF Energy, a division of the roofing giant, claims its new solar shingles are simple enough to install that no special equipment or knowledge is required, making home renewable energy […]

The fish is driving again

by Devin Coldewey / 21 days

Truly there is nothing new under the sun if, when one learns that a goldfish can drive, the immediate response is “again?” But while today’s icthyological innovation may bear superficial, scale-deep if you will, similarity to fish-driven vehicles of yesteryear, there is an important new aspect: in this case, the goldfish has actually learned to […]

These balls tell you how zen you are

by Haje Jan Kamps / 21 days

It’s all good and well to be able to sit cross-legged on a mountain top and feel at one with the universe — but how do you know if you are doing it right or not? For beginner meditators who aren’t sure how they are “meant” to feel in their bodies there’s Reflect’s Orb product, […]

How Meituan is redefining food delivery in China with drones

by Rita Liao / 26 days

On a congested sidewalk next to a busy mall in Shenzhen, a 20-something woman uses a smartphone app to order a milk tea on Meituan, a major food delivery company. In under ten minutes, the pearl-white drink arrives, not on the back of one of the city’s ubiquitous delivery bikes, but descending from the cloudy […]

Fisher-Price’s Chatter phone has a simple but problematic Bluetooth bug

by Zack Whittaker / about 1 month

As nostalgia goes, the Fisher-Price Chatter phone doesn’t disappoint. The classic retro kids toy was given a modern revamp for the holiday season with the new release for adults which, unlike the original toy designed for kids, can make and receive calls over Bluetooth using a nearby smartphone. The Chatter — despite a working rotary […]

Ameelio’s free video calling service for inmates goes live at first facilities

by Devin Coldewey / about 1 month

Ameelio, a nonprofit startup that intends to replace inmate-paid video calling in prisons with a free service, is making inroads against the companies that have dominated the space for decades. With 9 facilities in Iowa up and running and talks progressing with dozens more ahead of a planned 2022 launch, the company may soon usher […]

Gift Guide: 10 really good gadgets that cost less than $100

by Greg Kumparak / about 1 month

Welcome to TechCrunch’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide! Need help with gift ideas? We’ve got lots of them. Check back from now until the end of December for more! 

US puts drone maker DJI and seven other Chinese companies on investment blocklist

by Darrell Etherington / about 1 month

The US government will place eight Chinese companies including drone manufacturer DJI on an investment blocklist for alleged involvement in surveillance of Uyghur Muslims.

Oppo’s first self-developed chip is all about imaging performance

by Rita Liao / about 1 month

Chinese smartphone giant Oppo revealed its first in-house chipset at its annual innovation event hosted in Shenzhen on Tuesday. The MariSilicon X chip announced — named after the Mariana Trench — is a neural processing unit that aims to boost photo and video performance through machine learning. The move adds Oppo to a list of smartphone […]

Bird Buddy lands $8.5M to pursue ‘tech for nature’ after smart bird feeder campaign takes off

by Devin Coldewey / about 2 months

After the resounding success of several crowdfunding campaigns for its gamified smart bird feeder, Bird Buddy has raised an $8.5 million seed round. Its first product will ship in a few months, but it’s just the start of what the company hopes will be a new approach to using tech to better enjoy nature. It’s […]