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Do I truly want to become a manager?

by Claire Lew / 約4時間

We don’t ask ourselves this enough. Here are 6 critical questions to reflect on when considering if you should become a manager or not. When we’re asked, “Do you want to become a manager?” we often assume there is only one answer. “Oh, of course I want to be a manager.” Right? Who doesn’t? Especially […]

Unplugged from the Matrix

by Wailin Wong / 約11時間
The title of this post is how Kenneth Coats described the feeling of leaving his office job to start his own business. After he unplugged from the Matrix, he simply couldn’t return—not even when a challenge from the Illinois Attorney General forced him to shut down his first venture, a service to help people expunge […]

Everybody helps: the evolution of all-hands support

by James Glazebrook / 2日
All-hands support can be a touchy subject for customer support professionals. When you ask designers and programmers to reply directly to customers’ questions, doesn’t that imply that anyone can do our job? At Basecamp, we learned the hard way that you shouldn’t expect other people to be able to do the work of your support […]

The 9 mistakes you don’t know you’re making as a new manager

by Claire Lew / 7日

As a leader, the most costly mistakes are often the most imperceptible. I’ve never met you, but I’m going to make a guess about you:  You’re making leadership mistakes you don’t even know about.  I don’t mean to sound presumptuous (or crass!). I’m in part reflecting on personal experience – I’ve made a boatload of […]

Work harder or the communists will win!

by DHH / 8日
It’s desperate times for those still clinging to their workaholic, exploitive ways. From Japan to China to even the US, there’s a growing understanding that working 70-80-90 or 130 hours per week is not glorious. Not virtuous. Not healthy. So what’s a whoever-works-the-most-wins advocate to do? Sidestep the question of efficiency, of health, of sustainability, […]

Evolving and explaining how we run our company

by Jason Fried / 12日
As we write in “It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work“, you should treat your company as a product too. To improve a product, you listen, learn, (re)consider, concept, and iterate. The same approach should be used to improve your company itself. How you work, how you manage, how you develop and communicate policies […]

A great ad

by Jason Fried / 13日

I’ve always loved this kind of design. It’s clear, it’s colorful, it’s honest, it’s approachable, it’s folksy, it’s effective. ALL CAPS works. “NO JOB IS TOO SMALL” is impossible to improve on (it also says this in huge letters on the front of the truck). “Rain, sleep, or snow the gutters must flow” rhymes (and […]

What’s the one thing…

by DHH / 14日
Wouldn’t it be great if there really was just one secret you had to know, and all your professional or entrepreneurial dreams would come true? Then you wouldn’t have to bother trying what works for your or your domain. You’d just have to apply The Secret, and voila! Needless to say, if there is such […]

Subscription Hostages

by Wailin Wong / 15日

Back in February, DHH took to Twitter to rant about the hoop-jumping required to cancel his SiriusXM subscription. Others shared their own subscription cancellation horror stories, and before long, I had something to chase down. Today we released a new episode of the Rework podcast about our inquiry into hostile subscription tactics in the newspaper […]

The MacBook keyboard fiasco is way worse than Apple thinks

by DHH / 22日

Apple keep insisting that only a “small number of customers have problems” with the MacBook keyboards. That’s bollocks. This is a huge issue, it’s getting worse not better, and Apple is missing the forest for the trees. The fact is that many people simply do not contact Apple when their MacBook keyboards fail. They just […]