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Fuck hard work

by DHH / 約4時間

If I have to listen to one more banal ode to “hard work”, I’m going to puke. It’s such a trite tribute that keeps getting heaped on anyone who’s ever become even mildly successful, as though it was somehow this unique aspect of their achievement. The first rebuke to this reflexive compliment should always be… keep reading

Your leadership weakness is being “too controlling.” What to do?

by Claire Lew / 1日

17 phrases and suggestions to avoid the common leadership weakness of coming across as too controlling as a manager. Recently, a manager told me how he’d received feedback from his team about his greatest leadership weakness. “I come across as too intense or controlling,” he admitted.  Genuinely concerned, he then asked me, “What can I… keep reading

Taking risk without risking everything

by Jason Fried / 2日

Sometimes it’s really fucking hard to trust yourself. Especially when you’re likely to be wrong about some part of the decision. Question becomes which part, and to what degree. I’m in the middle of a number of these types of decisions right now. It can be quite disorienting. While it’s not life and death, I… keep reading

Don’t buy the hiring lottery

by DHH / 2日

It’s never easy looking for a job. Trotting through shitty, vague, unrealistic openings that’s frequently been written by people thrice removed from those you’ll eventually be working with. Then hoping to hear back from the black hole that is the application process at many companies. Ugh. No wonder many applicants end up jaded, if stuck… keep reading

A different kind of new manager checklist

by Claire Lew / 8日

Instead of promising you quick ‘n easy answers, this new manager checklist probes deeper with 4 questions to help you become better as a leader. You want the answer. The silver bullet, the trick, the hack, the leadership best practice, the new manager checklist. There’s got to be some secret point of leverage that you […]

We Love the Subs

by Wailin Wong / 8日

In 2004, fast food company Quiznos launched a national advertising campaign featuring animated rodent-like creatures screech-singing an ode to the chain’s toasted sub sandwiches. The TV commercials were instantly polarizing and lodged themselves in many viewers’ brains like a recurring fever dream. In the latest episode of the Rework podcast, the people behind the campaign […]

Basecamp is hiring Customer Support Representatives

by kristinaards / 12日

Basecamp is looking for two Support Representatives to join our team in providing the best customer support around. About the JobYou’ll be responsible for providing tremendous customer service and support via email for all versions of Basecamp and our other apps. You’ll help us answer questions via Twitter, make some customer calls, create and edit help […]

Nobody really owns product work

by Jonas Downey / 14日

A few years ago I helped design the search feature for Basecamp 3. We’d invented a unique Mad Libs-style interface, and I was rather fond of how it turned out. About six months later, other folks at the company had a new idea for the search UI, and they replaced my design with a completely […]

Basecamp is hiring a Head of Marketing

by Jason Fried / 19日

For the past 20 years, we’ve been passive marketers with a little m. We speak at conferences and on podcasts, we write books (REWORK, REMOTE, It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work), we share our point of view on thousands of blog posts, we invented a framework (Ruby on Rails) that changed an industry, and we […]

How Buffer Meets Up

by Wailin Wong / 21日

Even remote companies need actual face time every once in a while. That’s why Basecamp holds companywide, weeklong meet-ups in Chicago twice a year. Fellow remote tech company Buffer has 85 employees across the globe that get together once a year for an annual retreat, and they’ve visited countries from South Africa to Iceland. On […]