1 ...になる 13
2 …である 8
3 〜する 7
4 be動詞原形 6
5 する 1


1 Then she will be 100.
2 Once upon a time there was a prince who wanted to marry a princess; but she would have to be a real princess.
3 When the jump proves to be beyond his power --
4 But one day the mother said to her daughters: "Let us not trust this Goose. Some day he may fly away and never come back. Then we should be poor again. Let us get all of his feathers the very next time he comes."
5 "Villain," said he, running up to her, "how dare you muddle the water that I am drinking?" "Indeed," said the Lamb, humbly, "I do not see how I can disturb the water, since it runs from you to me, not from me to you." "Be that as it may," replied the Wolf, "it was but a year ago that you called me many ill names." "O Sir," said the Lamb, trembling, "a year ago I was not born." "Well," replied the Wolf, "if it was not you it was your father, and that is all the same; but it’s no use trying to argue me out of my supper;" and without another word he fell upon the poor, helpless Lamb and tore her to pieces.
6 "Let us write a book," they said; "but what shall it be about?"
7 Please be Marsha.
8 Never here be seen, oh!"


1 been された; 【動】beの過去分詞
2 was am, is の過去形; あった
3 being であること; be動詞の現在進行形
4 m メートル; m
5 am beの一人称・単数・直説法・現在形; です。である。~の状態である。; 午前; 〜です; ある
6 were areの過去形; あった
7 beings 存在
8 are 〈人・物・事が〉...である, ...だ[です]; は; 〜です; です
9 isn isn
10 s s
11 re
12 aren ない
13 ain アイン
14 wasn wasn
15 weren しないでください
16 bein やる
17 is 〖be C〗〈人・物・事が〉Cである, Cだ[です]; Cになる; です。である。~の状態である; 〜です; は; だ